Global LifeVision Announces First Humanitarian Mission of 2012

Ideal LifeVision Founder Ann Webb Announces First Humanitarian Expedition to Kenya, Africa, which will include 30 certified trainers training 1500 plus micro-loan recipients in Kenya. Partnership with Ascend International and Asante Foundation.

Salt Lake City, UT, January 15, 2012 –(– Travel to Kenya, Africa began after returning from New Delhi, India in October of 2011, after completing their first successful International excursion where they trained 700 teenage girls at the Rai Foundation School for Girls on a process called Ideal LifeVision.

Not only did the students gain much needed confidence that they are worthy humans, deserving of a good life, they were trained on tactical goal setting tools they could use to get clarity on what they want as well as how to strategically reach those goals.

Created through partnerships with Ascend International and Asante Foundation, Kenya’s Humanitarian mission trainers are being chosen by Global LifeVision’s team and trained using and the Ideal LifeVision process. Currently, they are in the process of assembling the team of 30 trainers to train the estimated 1500 plus women in Africa. “All of these women [in Africa] have been recipients of micro-loans and have their own small businesses,” states Global LifeVision Founder Ann Webb with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Departing on April 28th, 2012, the team of 30 trainers will train the Ideal LifeVision process, which is the same process Webb used to start her first million dollar a year business two decades ago. The trainees will also learn the next steps of entrepreneurialism along with specialized business and life coaching.

The training team, comprised of individuals trained through Webb’s program, currently open and accepting new participants, will have the opportunity to network and train with the best life and business coaches in the US on this and other closely related humanitarian projects to enhance micro-enterprise efforts and community needs. When training is complete, the team will be taken to the Masai Mara, Africa’s greatest wildlife refuge and the Karen Bixen Farm (Out of Africa) for a cultural tour and safari.

With formal plans in place for Kenya, Global LifeVision is brewing up some exciting and rewarding trips for 2012 which include Singapore, Hong Kong, India and New Zealand.

Global LifeVision, founded by Ann Webb, is a subsidiary of Ideal LifeVision, which focuses on helping people at home and in third world countries learn the revolutionary Ideal LifeVision process to set goals and live their ideal life. Team members train for non-profit associations locally. Recently featured in Aspire Magazine, they are up to some big things locally, nationally and internationally.

To schedule an interview with Ann Webb or her team, or to have someone train in your non-profit organization, please contact Ideal LifeVision at 801-274-0849 or email Global LifeVision at Specific video of Life Vision in India available here, and more on Ideal LifeVision here


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