*The President has condemned the vendors and dismissed reports that he ordered vendors to striped Malawian women naked during his speech at the commemoration of Malawi martyr reverend john chilembwe last week*

During his national address on the matter president Bingu Wa Mthalika has strongly condemned the spate of recent violent attacks against women in the country.

He has however supported wearing of trousers saying it’s more decent for a woman to put on a pair of trousers compared to dress.

Vendors and other unidentified people this week stripping naked women who wore trousers in Lilongwe the capital , Mzuzu the northern part and Blantyre the commercial city of Malawi. They have accused such women of ‘indecency’.

According to president Bingu Wa Mthalika, women play an important role in Malawi and that they must be respected and protected.

The president has however asked the human right activists to take a big role to safeguard the right of women in the country.

“Vendors should know that when they attack, women they are attacking their mothers and sisters,” said the President.

The president has also reminded the perpetrators and the general public that the decency Act of 1973, that made it unlawful for women to wear trousers and miniskirts was repealed and made invalid in 1993. The 1994 Malawi Constitution now guarantees everyone freedom of expression which includes freedom of dress the right to privacy and includes the right to be left alone.

The president has however commended the swift reaction of the Malawi Police Service to contain the situation and assure our women of their security. We applaud the Malawi Police Service for quickly arresting the perpetrators and encourage them to close in on the others that may be hiding. We believe that the law will take its course and precedence will be set.

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