Christian – Moslem – Leaders

Excerpt from
Revelation BOOK 7
revised With A New chapter 17


February 7, 2010

2nd Edition Published On December 4, 2010

Chapter Seventeen

Christian – Moslem – Leaders

Questions that had been nagging at me for some time.
1. In the Bible it is said that Jesus died on a cross for our sins and is in fact a corner stone in the Christian belief. The Bible declares that all we need to do is accept Jesus Christ in our life and keep Jesus Christ in our thoughts and our sins would be forgiven. Why?
2. Moslems point themselves at Mecca in prayer and are required to do 51% or more goodly works in life to enter heaven. Why?
3. People of power on earth from leaders of financial empires to Government heads of state to the rich and famous men and woman in all fields of personal endeavor from religious and social movement leaders, athletes, singers, actors, scientists, developers, internet masters all have something in common. A bent toward corruption. Why?
In an instant, God answered my questions.
Each human is endowed with God given self awareness with free will. Whether conscious about it or not each of us is an energy distributor as well as a thought creator. In effect human beings are energy distributors because they have the ability to send and or receive energy thought forms and hold them to themselves. What they do with the thought forms is entirely up to each human being.
Jesus died for our sins on the cross? A most profound and powerful thought form and image. Sin is an energy thought form created by free will that goes against God Almighty’s plan. Sin once conceived in the mind is indestructible. All energy follows a law of attraction, including sin.
Sin must be directed and controlled by a personage of integrity or face dire consequences of its creation. This is the reason our Lord Died on a cross for our sins.
From the simple to the most advanced… people sin. What they do about it can effect their eternal life. We all relate to the written word. That is the reason the Bible is here today. Imagery is to the written word what gasoline is to a fire and one of the most powerful thought enhancement tools for the adapt and sinister alike. When we think of Jesus Christ in any manor we are making a connection with him and through him with God Almighty. Imagery strengthens our emotional connection. As a result of our contact with Jesus we may choose to discharge our sins.
Eternal life for each self aware free will being is a fact, the question is, where do we want to live eternally… and how do we get to where we want to go?
Thought forms have unique characteristics once they exist. In effect sin as a grouped energy thought form becomes a power and intensifies and becomes a tool for whomever decides to take charge and direct it. The written word and images have been a great part of our redemption. But when the written word and images are used to corrupt the masses it has proven time and again a very powerful tool in the hands of the sinister.
Left upon the earth unattended sin as a thought form will grow and ultimately cause irrevocable harm. In fact intentional sin is launched upon us every day by dubious characters. Propaganda is a well known fact today. It is the intentional use of incendiary thought forms that are destructive sooner or later. Jihadist demonstrating a beheading for Allah is one example that leaves a lasting image in any human who views it. Advertising techniques although unintentional in most cases are like adding gasoline to a burning fire. The creators have no idea what they have done to the world when they back sin with advertising. Advertising images of pornography is one example. It ignites lust. This is true anti-Christ work. It’s not a question of free will, it’s a result of a decision to participate in debasement use of free will. It’s a sin, and sin has substance, its energy and it’s organized.
All thought forms will follow direct or sub-conscious commands of its creator with little or no fuss. It’s as simple as visualizing the individual and/or their idea(s) and off it goes, sent special deliver to another who is receptive.
Thoughts will group with other like minded thoughts and add power to the recipients own thought form base. Adulation is the most alluring and seductive. Ask any rising Star from the jocks and beauty queens of high school to super leaders of State and industry. The recipient has to make a choice as the growing energy thought group starts to effect their lives. Thoughts are defined energy particles grouped by a blue print made by the thinker. What is most amazing is they are indestructible and sticky. Once they are formed in the mind of man they are difficult to get rid of.
Thoughts form very quickly with visualization and are super energized when tied to emotion. In written form they can withstand any attack until all written material is vanquished. Emotion can be enhanced with music and it is done every day. Thought forms are obedient and will go where directed or stay with the creator or meander off seeking out like minded thoughts if abandoned completely. But once created they will not go away.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only being capable of locking up sinful thoughts and the stickiness in a positive manor.
The written word of the Bible and the symbolism (imagery) of Jesus Christ suffering on earth was is and always will be a way to gather mans thoughts and focus them on our Lord. Give our Lord the down trodden, the sinner and sin, his/her pain, suffering, distrust and despair thoughts and he (Our Lord Jesus Christ) promises to lighten their load and brighten their path in return.
Forgiveness of sin could be the most important aspect of our creative world. Since it allows us to make mistakes and learn and grow from them and yet be set free. Jesus Christ is the source for all forgiveness of sin. Praise God Almighty for his wondrous works. JESSUS CHRIST the fountain head of God Almighty’s creation. God Almighty is unconditional love as witness.
God Almighty understood the beauty of unconditional love by giving us self awareness and free will and the folly. Errors (sin) were bound to happen in the pursuit of character development. As humans God Almighty realized we would require a means to dispose of poor creations as a result of our free will. Our Lord Jesus Christ can, could and does absorb all directed error (sin) pain, suffering, distrust, and replaces it with unconditional love. Our Lord Jesus Christ accepted this burden as the fountain head of the universe. God Almighty empowered Christ to absorb sin and to redirect all sin to the place of inaction that binds sin forever. Energy and thought forms once created are indestructible. But they can be moved around and locked up.
You might think there are others who are capable of such intense energy redirection and I would say to you, God Almighty designed this Universe and set in motion unconditional love as witnessed by our self awareness that is capable of understanding his creations. God Almighty personalized himself through only one being and one being only. Of course it’s your choice to think otherwise.
Our thoughts are creations using our free will, meaning we are not limited in what we want to think about and therefore create. Our thoughts are composed of energy particles. Once we have a thought completed in our mind we may send it anywhere we want, with or without conscious effort. It is a blue print of how a portion (sum) of energy partials are to be used and what form they will take. Once the picture is drawn, or words written or spoken defining our thought it becomes indestructible. That being said, God Almighty placed a back up net around us. Called forgiveness. No love is stronger then our Lord Jesus Christ love for each of us. This is one reason our Lord Jesus Christ so implores us to ask for forgiveness when we error and give him our sins and let him lighten the load, the way and the path.
God is unconditional love. God Almighty created the coherent universe and a way for us to visualize himself in a personalized way. Our Lord Jesus Christ is this being. By choosing Christ, reading about Christ, thinking about Christ (visualizing his images) creates a bond and a like minded connection that allows us to send our errors (thought form sins) directly to Christ. Without words like our Bible and our imagery it would be very difficult to construct connections. Pictures of Jesus on the the cross and others help us keep a clear connection through visualization by stimulating emotion which strengthens our connection. God Almighty warned us against using false idols too. Allah? The second commandment. That is how powerful imagery is. In the world today imagery and sound (music) is being used with abandon.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is asking us to choose forgiveness as the way. How do we know what is true?
Look at the events going on around you. You will know them by their fruits, meaning their actions, (images, sounds and written word) and ask yourself is this unconditional love being played out. If it is unconditional love, you can be sure it’s God Almighty’s way. Unconditional love through Jesus Christ is the way to live and grow in our creative universe and gives us a way to record our successes and a way to make mistakes and discard our sins without suffering eternal lockup.
Why do Moslems point themselves at Mecca in prayer?
Most would say in respect for Allah and for the majority of peace loving men and woman and children of Moslem faith this is true. Their thoughts of love, compassion and care for all people and their peaceful existence are fully understood by God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thoughts are neither Moslem, Christian or Jewish or any others for that matter. Thoughts are energy following blue prints created by self aware free will beings, religious beliefs notwithstanding.
Moslem believers by the tens of thousands are converting to Christianity and worship our Lord Jesus Christ at the risk of life and limb as you are read this. For they know the truth and are risking life itself to proclaim their place with God.
All people have free will including Moslems, regardless of the dictates of their leaders. You will know them by their fruits means something to the downtrodden and oppressed. Just ask a Moslem woman that wants to be treated as an equal. Men and woman of Islam are finding our lord because their Moslem teachings are proving false. Any belief system that removes free will and unconditional love is an anti-Christ teaching. Begging the question, who is behind it and why?
It is clear to see Mohamed intentionally modified what God Almighty had laid at his by feet by Jesus Christ.
Jihadists are taught to believe that to kill a non-believer is a road to heaven. This is blasphemy; God Almighty’s sixth commandment was, is and always will be thou shall not murder.
Intentional thought modifications that lead people away from their true God can only be justified as a corruption of the most profound kind.
Yet it is tossed around in the western world, and couched in pabulum that the Jihadists have hijacked the Moslem faith. Yes it is true you will know them by their fruits. God Almighty is not asking us to balance good and evil as Mohamed would have us believe. It’s more personal. Christ is asking us to make a choice between good and evil yes. Goodly works such as Love thy brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus are blessed works. Sin is error even for the Moslem brothers and sisters and needs to be removed, in a word forgiven by Jesus Christ.
To gain a place in Heaven choose our Lord Jesus Christ, do goodly works of course. Live in the light of our Lord, love thy brothers and sisters, let our Lord Jesus carry your load. Go forth and sin no more, but if you do sin ask Christ for forgiveness and it shall be yours. This is his promise. This is the way our creator God Almighty designed our existence.
Mohamed understood imagery, and the power of combining the believer’s energy into a unified force to project his will (power) and his way upon the world. Who was really guiding Mohamed?
When you consider the fact that no individual human being can sustain unlimited adulation and be utterly feared as Mohamed was and not be a lunatic or a Saint. Without energy redirection he would have gone insane. Some say he was insane. As our Lord Jesus has said, “know them by their fruits”. The massive energy collected by Mohamed from his followers adulation was a fact. Jesus Christ has never said go forth and kill thy brothers and sisters in his name and never would accept forcing a law or religion upon any one. That violates the basic tenant of free will. Not to mention unconditional love. So by the process of elimination it must be Satin who was the beneficiary of Mohamed’s adulation and continues to be at this late time in the name of Jihad.
Know them by their fruits. History is replete and clear on Mohamed’s successes. The infection is spreading terror around the world today. No unconditional love, no free will. Like many others before him and some after. All of these false prophets fall into self delusion and corruption.
How does Jihad apply today.
Jihadist use the most insidious kind of thought forms; there violent, gory, (for example beheadings and appendage removals) grotesque (mass killing of children and woman) graphic beyond belief (aircraft downing buildings) and designed to enhance thought form propagation. In a word they are bent on propagating fear. Only the most hideous vial degenerate humans could execute this action. While insanity would run any normal human being out of existence as a safety measure for society, Jihadist from the top down move along seemingly unhampered. Who could possibly be the energy director for this show? This action is designed to create and generate massively fearful energy thought forms that are bent on destroying the world as God Almighty designed it. Is it any wonder our Lord Jesus Christ will have to come back to earth. Who else can fix this massive mess of discontent, hate, lust and unbridled evil power.
Free will and unconditional love go hand in hand and are the targets of the unwashed Jihadists. They couch it as American Imperialism the Big Satin. Let’s look at America’s fruits. Pakistan home to Al-Qaeda was experiencing flooding of major proportions and the local people were made homeless by the thousands who was there to help? Al-Qaeda? No way, it was Americans. And if you are not aware of it, Pakistan is home to Moslem faith by a majority of 9 out of 10 people. Our Lord Jesus Christ once said “know them by their fruits.” Violence begets more of the same. Leaders of the Jihadists know this. It’s an unholy war waged by anti-Christ believers.
Satin once asked our Lord Jesus Christ to bow down and worship him and Satin would give Jesus the world. Jesus declined… the Bible is clear on this subject. Mohamed wrote in the Quran Jesus was a great prophet, but lesser them himself. This is the same position Satin dreamed of accomplishing then and now.
Horrific images, lies, deceit, false words, create real and tangible thought forms that must be dealt with. Jihadist leaders know this. Just look at the flow of Airport traffic around the world today if you have any doubt. A clear case of love thy brothers and sisters? I don’t think so.
Jihadist are cowards. They claim the killing of bystanders and civilians is religiously justified in jihad. Just think of the horror this thought form is propagating across the world. All this because Al-Qaeda ideologues envision a complete break from the foreign influences in Muslim countries, and the creation of a new Islamic Caliphate. Reported beliefs include that a Christian-Jewish alliance is conspiring to destroy Islam. Once again we know them by their fruits. They hid behind woman and children because they know the rules of God Almighty and of the righteous men. They distort truths, they lie, and they lead poor and unsuspecting children and young men to their own slaughter in the name of Allah. In effect a hell is being brought to earth at this time and it is closer then most think. We are near an Armageddon. Jesus wisely said turn a check send them LOVE. This seems difficult in practice but… character is character. Unconditional love is unconditional love. Free will means responsible choices when the masses are at stake. We have a choice here. Chose Jesus Christ and pray for the Jihadists in Jesus name. Send Jesus their sins. They have no recourse in this matter. If a thought form is sent out to you from anyone, you may bless it and send it to our Lord Jesus Christ. God knows what to do with it!
World leaders of financial empires, Government Heads of State to famous men and woman are faced with corruption sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. Where do you stand?
In all fields of personal endeavor from titans of finance, to the heads of state, industry and power bankers that control the economic networks throughout the world, religious and social leaders, athletes, singers, actors, scientists, developers, internet masters and the like all have something in common. Corruption.
Free will means responsibility. Free will in the directing of massive thought forms means a super responsibility to chose wisely. It’s one thing to choose for oneself, sin can be corrected by Our Lord very quickly on a personal level, it’s all together another story when we elect to be the head of an entire group of people. There seems to be three distinct categories. Where are you. It’s never to late to change.
1. Those men and woman of high office that receive praise from the masses and in turn praise God Almighty through our Lord Jesus Christ by stating their belief in our Lord Jesus Christ in public do effectively direct all of their own thought forms and all of the adulator thought form energy that goes with it to our Lord Jesus Christ. Those blessed souls that accredit their personal abilities and accomplishments to our Lord Jesus Christ are certain to grow and flourish in a definable and beautiful way regardless of the opposition, all suffering, distrust, lies and violence that will surely put them to the test. This is not to say they are shielded from assassins. However, it is to say, if they are on a mission for our Lord Jesus Christ, they will not be touched… not a hair on their heads until our Lord Jesus Christ calls them back.
2. While others take all the credit and adulation for their personal abilities and accomplishments to themselves who then are consumed by the very adulation. Not realizing how powerful the collective and massive thought forms can be if directed inward to themselves. It is not uncommon for a rising star to suddenly realize something is wrong, really wrong on this path and therefore begin a process to shut it off shunning publicity and notoriety without knowing why. Only that it’s painful and leading them to corruption. If it’s not turned off quickly or a realization of whom is really due praise and glory, (Our Lord Jesus Christ) they will certainly self destruct and they shall certainly die a twisted and painful death questioning “why me, what did ‘I’ do to deserve this?”
3. The corruptible souls either through direct or indirect decisions or lack thereof begin to worship the dark side beings and Satin himself. Without belaboring the point, make no mistake, Jihadist’s certainly fall in this category. This keeps them alive for a short time in the physical sense as it works under the universal principal of passing energy thought forms along and not damming them up personally. They can be spotted because they exude, strength, cunning and ruthlessness and tend to grow and be successful and very powerful regardless of the number of people they destroy open and notoriously. These sorry souls are directing mass thought forms of sin to the master of the sinful. The ability and enjoyment is readily seen if one pays close attention to their exploits. The dark side beings have free will yet they encourage debasement, self gratification, and limitations upon others so that they may have it all. They thrive and encourage all anti-Christ behavior. These souls will use their power to crush others for their own sake without regard for whom they destroy leaving a gloomy shadow of sin, distrust, suffering and hopelessness upon the masses. Is it any wonder our Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to help the downtrodden, the sick and the hopeless. Without him where could we go? Moslem or Christian alike.
May God Almighty through our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family forevermore. I encourage you to Join our Lord Jesus Christ that you may you experience unlimited joy, expressions of love and happiness while upon this beautiful blue ball called earth…

Michael Canfield, ACC American Christian Correspondent

Author of: Revelation Book 7 (
JITLA The Promise Fulfilled ( Stones To Success (out of print)

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