Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) Gets Local Bandwidth From the European Cloud Using DiViNetworks’ new DiViCloud Service

With DiViCloud – data capacity from Paris and London is served in Harare, Zimbabwe, without the need for additional physical capacity, and at half the market price

LONDON, January 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

ZOL, the leading ISP in Zimbabwe, is experiencing steep growth in demand for bandwidth, driving ZOL to seek affordable uplink providers. DiViCloud is the perfect service, providing capacity from the cloud simply by placing a server in ZOL’s premises, on top of ZOL’s existing physical connectivity, and within 24 hours.

DiViCloud is the first ever VIRTUAL CAPACITY service. DiViCloud actually teleports capacity from mega Internet junctions to any place on the globe, without need for physical transport, merely by placing a device in the ISP’s premises.

In ZOL’s case, bandwidth acquired in Paris and London, is virtually delivered in Harare, Zimbabwe. The ability to virtually connect ZOL directly to Paris and London, without anyone investing in laying cables, enables ZOL to gain data capacity at an affordable price.

“Africa is at a tipping point, and broadband is fueling our growth, yet the high cost of delivering bandwidth from major European hubs into Africa is a major obstacle in broadband proliferation,” says David Behr, ZOL’s CEO. “DiViNetworks’ innovative service is oxygen to ISPs in Africa, truly changing paradigms, and enabling us to broaden our services. DiViNetworks not only reduces our cost of delivery, but also improves our customer experience when downloading large files and streaming video.”

“We are very proud having ZOL among the first customers of DiViCloud,” says Dr. Yair Shapira, DiViNetworks’ VP Marketing and Business Development. “DiViCloud targets any ISP worldwide, in need for expanding bandwidth at affordable prices. We guarantee serving data capacity at HALF THE MARKET PRICE.”

About DiViNetworks

DiViNetworks is a global provider of affordable data capacity for network operators and service providers. Using cloud-based solutions, DiViNetworks generates data capacity at any location worldwide, over any combination of physical capacity providers, enabling ISPs to obtain bandwidth at HALF the MARKET PRICE. For more information, visit us at http://www.divinetworks.com, and follow our LinkedIn & Blog .

About Zimbabwe Online

Established in 1994, ZOL has a proven track record as Zimbabwe’s premier Internet Service Provider. With a leadership position in the market, ZOL leverages its advanced network capabilities and expertise to deliver managed communication solutions to companies ranging from multi-national enterprises to home users. The ZOL network has interconnectivity with all local providers and multiple International Internet gateways and has multiple nodes in all major cities in Zimbabwe. ZOL offers a full range of services including Broadband Internet delivered via WiMAX, UHF, fiber, copper and VSAT. We can deliver MPLS, VPN services, secure email and webhosting, collocation, VoIP and PBX management. Visit us at http://www.zol.co.zw.

Contact information
Ms. Ofra Zvi
Director of Marketing Communications
DiViNetworks Ltd.

SOURCE DiViNetworks Ltd.

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