Tradeseam Unveils Simpler, More Engaging Redesign For Small Business

Tradeseam is launching a redesign of its social business platform, promising it will be simpler and faster to use for small businesses. The redesign is an attempt to reduce the gap between the “awareness of Tradeseam” and “engagement on Tradeseam”.  The redesign features new tabs that will direct users: Home keeps everything small businesses need in one place including the sales leads marketplace and discovery engine to find customers, partners and vendors online. Direct short text messages can be found under the Inbox tab that can be sent to create all types of connections such as customers, suppliers and partners, and the recommend widget is found under the Widgets tab to promote company testimonials and reviews everywhere your customers are online.

Roughly 80 percent of Tradeseam’s active users sign up for the service without ever adding a connection or recommending a product or service – features that are very important today for small business whether it is a merchant cash advance, medical billing services or credit card processing company or independent contractors such as website designers, graphic designers and home services professionals so that they can build an online  presence and reputation. That isn’t a problem, Tradeseam said, because those small businesses are still actively using the service, as they enjoy the free promotion and advertising that they get from listing their businesses and receiving sales ready leads – potential customers that are actively looking for their products and services online.

With the changes, it will be easier to find, connect and partner with the right companies and create a business network using their Tradeseam profiles. “What we’re announcing today is just the beginning,” Alifya Duggal, cofounder of Tradeseam says. “We now have a framework in place that we will quickly build and iterate upon to help users discover, connect and engage with whatever is meaningful to them.” Profile pages are also being expanded so small businesses can showcase more information about themselves by integrating it with online reviews, answers and tweets.

This new launch will enable simplicity in a world of complexity so small businesses can take advantage of the burgeoning social business phenomena.

About Tradeseam

Tradeseam is the first social business platform that provides small and mid-sized businesses with access to economic opportunities locally and globally, by connecting them with customers, partners and suppliers to promote and accelerate their growth.

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