New Book Weaves Personal Memoir with Stories of Maasai Women

A Full Circle: Walking Alongside Maasai Women of Tanzania

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Debra Pangerl grew up on a small farm in Minnesota far from Tanzania, East Africa. Following several life-changing events in her early 20s, Debra is adrift and unsettled. Stumbling across an ad in the local newspaper’s travel section appealing for volunteers to travel to Tanzania, Debra felt a call so strong that it was “deep within her soul.” Debra was on a plane to Tanzania a few months later.

9 trips and 20 years later, A Full Circle is a unique memoir that chronicles how Debra’s search for her life’s purpose leads her to Tanzania, over and over again, where she meets Maasai girls and women. The author discovers the deep desire of these girls and women to change their predetermined lives of pre-pubescent marriage, genital mutilation and extreme poverty. She likewise discovers her own innate need to help these girls and women, in whatever way she can.

As the personal stories of the author and the Maasai unfold in tandem, we see the transforming effect that all the women have on each other. A Full Circle speaks plainly to the human condition – the deep yearning for fulfillment, the determination to escape oppression and poverty no matter the peril, and the life-changing bonds that develop when individuals help one another.

A Full Circle is Debra Pangerl’s first book. She lives in Rush City, Minnesota with her husband, Gary, a barn full of cats, two horses, and faithful Border Collie, Jack.

For more information about A Full Circle, visit A Full Circle is published by Beaver’s Pond Press and can be purchased at or Beaver’s Pond Press (, or by calling (800) 901-3480.

SOURCE Debra Pangerl
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