GDS International Digs Deep With Top Executives for its NG Mining Africa Summit in March

On 27-29 March 2012, the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa in South Africa will play host to a 65-strong consortium of CEOs and Senior Corporate Officers from small, mid and large cap mining companies attending the latest Next Generation Mining Summit (NG Mining). Positioned at the very pinnacle of their industry, this year’s Summit promises to be the most well respected and best-attended event for the Mining industry in Africa during 2012.

Top C-level executives will be present to discuss cutting-edge business challenges, ranging from operational challenges in some of the continent’s most active markets, to the ongoing debates surrounding nationalisation and CPD regulations to name but a few.

The Summit combines high-level roundtable discussions with next generation technology solutions that, together with the Summit’s Director, Karl Axford, have been championed by the Summit’s very own Advisory Board – The NG20 – to provide unprecedented levels of insight and help shape the agenda for the three days.

Included within the NG Mining delegation are Busani Ngcaweni, The Head of the Deputy President’s Office for South Africa; De Beers Mines Consolidated’s CEO, Philip Barton; David Noco, Deputy Chairman for Harmony Gold Mining Ltd; Xstrata PLC’s Executive Director, Andile Sangqu; and Pieter Van Greunen, Head of Business Improvement at Anglo-American PLC.

Neil de Beer, Secretary General for the OABD, who attended last year’s Summit, had this to say: “As a loyal follower of all summits under GDS, I have taken the time as a leader of Brand Africa to attend all the Next Generation Summits. GDS takes business to the globe in a manner that I have found nowhere else. It builds the Next Generation.”

The event has been designed specifically for forward-thinking C-level executives in the African Mining arena, drawing on experiences and discussing the challenges facing the sector. The NG Mining Summit will offer comprehensive workshops, panel discussions on major industry issues, and one-to-one meetings to give delegates the opportunity to meet with business analysts and solution providers to discuss strategy and technology demands in a rapidly evolving business climate.

Karl Axford, Summit Director for NG Mining Africa, believes the exceptional calibre of speakers and top-quality content throughout the programme – combined with excellent opportunities for networking – is sure to give the delegates and sponsors true value for money and a significant return on their investment.

“GDS International have always been proud of the quality of their summits, but this year’s Next Generation Mining Summit will be the best event the mining industry has ever experienced. The event will provide the ideal closed-door environment for the leaders of Africa’s biggest industry to collaborate, discuss, debate, investigate legislative issues and really make a difference in such a lucrative and important industry. No other event in the African mining industry brings together so many powerful decision makers under one roof for two-and-a-half days,” he said.

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