UC Berkeley Alumnus Provides Water, Opportunities to Ghanaian Communities

Saad Karamat returns from Ghana after developing needs assessment study, maximizing Humanity First’s water project impact.

Los Angeles, CA, February 26, 2012 –(PR.com)– Los Angeles resident and UC Berkeley alumnus Saad Karamat returned home on February 20, 2012 after spending nearly 2 months in Ghana volunteering with Humanity First USA. Saad was awarded a grant from the Clausen Center for International Business and Policy at U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business to support his work with Humanity First USA’s Water for Life project.

Drawing upon his experience as former fellow of the Berkeley-Cambridge Tata International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme and member of the Global Poverty minor at Berkeley, Saad played an important role to increase the project’s ownership, maximize its impact and ensure its sustainability. The Humanity First Water for Life team constructed over 40 wells in villages of the Bolga region in two phases. Saad created and implemented an innovative needs assessment study for Humanity First’s Water for Life project, enabling Humanity First to target the most needy communities. He also worked with government officials to form Public Private Partnerships and held focus group discussions with villagers.

The Water for Life project is one of Humanity First USA’s banner programs that provides access to potable water in disadvantaged communities through refurbishment or installation of water wells and hand pumps. Humanity First has enabled water access for communities in Africa, Central America, and Asia as of date and is continuing to expand this project.

“I was repeatedly told, ‘water is our life,’ and I was once told, ‘when you come to give us water, it will be like we are in heaven.’ The amount of contributions communities have been able to raise in a short period of time is inspirational,” said Saad. “I will never forget my time in Ghana. I am entirely overwhelmed with emotion in leaving.”

Humanity First USA was established in 2004 and primarily focuses on international humanitarian and disaster relief projects across the world. For more information about Humanity First USA, please visit http://usa.humanityfirst.org.


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