*Togo / mutuality: the second national day of mutual health held in Lome*

The second national day of mutual health was held in Lomé on 07 and 09 March 2012. It follows on the first day that took place in Togo in 2006.
During three days of deliberations, the participants from all regions of Togo, Mali and Benin have made an inventory of mutual health organizations in Togo, evaluated the potential development of mutual health insurance, then informed and sensitized populations on the operation and the role of mutual health.
They also alerted governments and development partners of mutuality in Togo, the shared experiences of other countries in the sub region in terms of organization and institutionalization of mutual health insurance, then reflected on the organization of MHOs to optimize their role in partnership with the State for the development of universal health insurance.
An open house on mutual health in Togo has marked the completion of 10 March 2012.
Togo has for 22 mutual operational.
MHOs are voluntary associations of people who decide to cover the health risks at lower cost.


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