*Togo / to the PRSP 2: Sectoral Committee ””agriculture and food security contributes*

In the process of developing the second version of Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP-2), each sector must contribute.

It is in this exercise that has engaged the industry committee” agriculture and food security” during a validation meeting held his interim report March 13, 2012 in Lomé.

The meeting allowed participants to enrichment of the report to be considered after validation fans formulation of the PRSP-2.
” Sector” agriculture and food security must therefore based on a diagnosis of his situation to lead to proposals for concrete measures for attaining the overall objective of the PRSP-2, that promote accelerated growth, inclusive and generates income.

It should be noted that agriculture had been identified in the Strategic Document for Poverty Reduction (PRSP) as a growth sector.

Statistically, Togolese agriculture contributes 40% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), about 80% of the population.


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