New York Forum AFRICA / Success of the first forum and announcement of a new Forum in Gabon in 2013

LIBREVILLE, Gabon, June 11, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ – The first New York Forum AFRICA (, which took place in Libreville over 3 days, the Gabonese capital, came to an end yesterday, Sunday 10 June 2012.


At the initiative of Richard Attias & Associates, under the aegis of President Ali Bongo Ondimba, and in partnership with the government of Gabon, more than 600 international opinion leaders from business, economics, and politics met in Libreville for the first New York Forum AFRICA.

Success of the first forum and announcement of a new Forum in Gabon in 2013

The Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba and the organisers celebrated this first ever forum which they deemed to be advantageous for the African continent and for Gabon.

“All of the conclusions and proposals of the Forum will be submitted to the G20 in Mexico (18-19 June) and to the Rio+20 (20-22 June)”, stated Richard Attias, President of Richard Attias & Associates and founder of New York Forum and New York Forum AFRICA. “The declaration is currently being drafted. We shall then discuss whether this will be made public prior to the forthcoming G20 or Rio Summit, or whether to wait to reserve this for Heads of State”, he further indicated.

The Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba was particularly satisfied, arranging the next date in Libreville for a further Forum, likely to take place during 2013.

Signature of contracts and initiation of promising relations for Gabon

“Within just 30 hours, we were able to sign contracts in some important areas, such as housing, infrastructure, energy, water, mining, and finance”, underlined the Presidential office. Gabon notably signed a major contract with the Moroccan Group Addoha (social housing, construction, cement works) and with the Ycap Fund “responsible for several billion dollars of assets and which came with the conviction to provide investment”, stated Richard Attias adding: “What is so impressive is that New York Forum AFRICA has succeeded in creating business, social business”.

Africa, a continent of hope and future prospects

All of the participants in New York Forum AFRICA additionally highlighted the many promises offered by the African content. The former Olympic Champion Carl Lewis, named “Athlete of the century”, who visited Gabon for the very first time stated: “What is most important is that in reality Africa is a very rich area for people coming to do business as well as for initiating dialogue. We want to continue to convey this message across the globe, and particularly in America”.

Ali Bongo Ondimba called upon the young Africans of the diaspora, trained in some of the most prestigious schools and institutions, to come and participate in the changes which are currently being undertaken in the region. “You should return to the African continent and leaders such as myself will implement the resources necessary so as your return is fruitful for you”, proposed the Head of State.

Towards improved economic ties between China and Africa

New York Forum AFRICA was additionally the opportunity to raise the issue of economic ties between China and Africa. The President of the African Union (UA) Jean Ping and the large Chinese delegation which visited Libreville believed that China and Africa would develop and further partnerships. Jean Ping stated this was “inevitable”. “We have supply, China has demand”.

Yan Lan, from Greater China Investment Banking Lazard, shared this vision, stating that “China, with its enormous growth […] requires natural resources, in mining, and additionally needs to explore new potential markets.”

Monday 11 June 2012 – Dialogue for Action AFRICA

Following this first edition of New York Forum AFRICA, a special day was today given over to the issue of women in Africa as part of Dialogue for Action AFRICA, organised by the Cecilia Attias for Women foundation, in the presence of Cécilia Attias, and personalities such as Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, and 7 African ladies.

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