“Towards a win-win partnership” – The Ministry of Energy and Mines strongly supports electro, automation & energy

“Within 20 years our target is to produce 40% of our electricity through solar and wind. To reach this, Algeria needs partners with technological know-how in these fields, and partners who are ready to transfer their know-how. Like this the question of partnership becomes inevitable”, underlines the director of renewable energies and the control of energy at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, MrLakhdarBenmazouz, in his opening speech of electro, automation & energy 2012 on May 05, 2012.

After four days of intense work and promising meetings, Kahina Behloul, manager fairtrade Algeria, sums up: “With 1,948 registered visitors from 18 countries discussing business with numerous exhibitors from 12 countries, electro, automation & energy has confirmed its status of the most important event in Algeria on renewable energies and on energy efficiency.”

The exhibitors came from Algeria, Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Korea, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.


A valuable program of conferences on renewables and on energy efficiency ran alongside the exhibition. The Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines had strongly supported the event. This support also made possible the participation of Sonelgaz, CDER, CEEG, CREDEG, NEAL-New Energy Algeria and APRUE-The Algerian National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of the Use of Energy as exhibitors, as well as their active participation at the conferences alongside electro, automation & energy 2012.

Please download Post Show Report 2012 (Microsoft Word)

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