New directions in the management of human resources in Africa


by Ken Kamochea, Amon Chizemab, Kamel Mellahic & Aloysius Newenham-Kahindid


The last decade has witnessed a notable increase in the volume of publications on human resource management (HRM) in Africa, particularly in reputable management journals. Yet, within the broader context of the mainstream HRM debate, advances in research and theoretical sophistication have not quite kept pace with the actual practice of management. This is particularly notable when it comes to the progress that organizations in Africa have made in product innovation and service delivery, the creation and application of advanced technology, as well as in the adoption of progressive/innovative HRM practices. The six papers in this forum were drawn from an international conference on HRM in Africa held at Nottingham Business School in 2010. Taken together, they identify important new developments in theory and practice, and also open up avenues for further debate particularly in the areas of career development, knowledge appropriation, mergers and acquisitions, the role of HR professionals, the informal sector and the most effective ways to engage foreign investors.

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