Discovering Ogboni fraternity: “Brotherhood Ogboni, this is the first religion of Nigerian origin whom God established to manage the city,” said Keglo Y. Paulin


All religions by their followers are likely to contribute to the wellbeing of their members. Among these religions is high among many Ogboni fraternity, a religion of Nigerian origin located in Togo since 2006.
In Togo, this fraternity is headed by its chief AREE Ogboni KABIESSI. His real name Keglo Y. Paulinus, the leader KABIESSI is a veteran doctor of traditional medicine and chemistry. It is deemed to Agoè a suburb of the city of Lome for its free care to patients that administers socially incurable allergy sufferers in scientific medicine.
He is also proficient in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and sinusitis.
The head of the fraternity in Togo Ogboni inducted May 26, 2012 in Lomé, in an interview with the site, speaks of his fraternity, his interests in Togo and the conditions for membership.
According to him, the fraternity that already has more than 5,000 Togolese insiders is not an esoteric sect to the foundations.
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Hello Mr. Paulin Keglo

You are the chief representative in Togo Ogboni fraternity. Tell us briefly about your fraternity
Ogboni fraternity, this is the first religion of Nigerian origin whom God established to manage the city. It contributes to the fight against witchcraft, evil spirits and witchcraft.
Some people think that your esoteric brotherhood. What do you say?
This is false. Certainly there are rituals that we observe but we do not make human sacrifices in our fraternity. As proof, I invite you to join and you will witness yourself.
And how is membership in the fraternity Ogboni?
Membership is by initiation. The layman who wants to join the brotherhood will bring to the market that it will buy ingredients for the purposes of the ceremony.
What ingredients, for example?
Roosters and rams
Why roosters and rams?
The cock is the bird that sings the barnyard and wakes. It is responsible for misfortunes of nature. That’s why we use it to purify the member of all misfortunes.
The rams are in turn used to provide the opportunity for anyone who is to initiate its accession to Ogboni.
Note that the rooster is used in the first round of the initiation ceremony and the ram in the second round.
What is the Togolese can gain from this fellowship?
The Togolese can win the peace, harmony; joy in homes, in short all the best that God intended for humans.
What are your plans for Togo?
First, I want the Togolese know that I am a doctor of traditional medicine and as such, I heal spiritually most diseases incurable by modern medicine or science.
At the fraternity Ogboni Togo, we aim to contribute to the well-being.
We will create relay fraternity across Togo Togolese people to help in all areas including: health, commerce, etc. …
Soon   our World Emperor will send us a sum of money and we will help our members grow their business.
Your last word at the location of the Togolese
I invite the Togolese to adhere massively to Ogboni fraternity for their own happiness. Ogboni is not an esoteric sect with foundations like the feel of the common mortal. That the Togolese adhere to discover and testify themselves.
Everything we do is open to the public. Only internal meetings are limited to members of the fraternity but the ceremonies are public.
Chief, thank you
Thank you very much
Interview by Louis BARARMNA

Discovering Ogboni fraternity (Microsoft Word)

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