Dayton Business Journal Lists Shumsky Enterprises as a 2012 Healthiest Employer


Shumsky Enterprises is excited to announce that the company has been named a 2012 Healthiest Employer by the Dayton Business Journal.

Dayton, OH, July 07, 2012 –(– Shumsky Enterprises has established and runs a number of companywide initiatives to improve, maintain, and develop employee wellness. From prevention and test screenings to exercise and fitness accomplishments, Shumsky rewards employees with “wellness points” that can be used in a company store, hosted by Boost Rewards to purchase a wide variety of goods. With incentives that ultimately lead to goods and rewards, the wellness initiative implemented at Shumsky Enterprises encourages employees to fight sedentary lifestyle choices that can have a negative impact on their long-term health and well-being. The Boost Rewards wellness program helps encourage pro-active employee well-being, leading to higher employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction as well as the reduction of future healthcare costs. “Workplace wellness programs have been proven to boost employee morale, improve health and reduce sick time, which ultimately pays off on the profit line,” said Carol Clark, publisher of the Dayton Business Journal. The Healthiest Employers awards program is a way to recognize employers who proactively cultivate healthy employees. To be selected as a Healthiest Employer, a company must demonstrate a strong commitment to impacting the health of their employees and reducing their overall healthcare costs. About Shumsky Shumsky,, delivers promotional marketing solutions that drive customer brand awareness. Shumsky offers promotional technology solutions, creative brand solutions, brand compliance solutions, promotional product fulfillment and distribution solutions, promotional product online store solutions, and more. To learn more about Shumsky Enterprises or to view examples of the full spectrum of promotional services they provide visit Shumsky online at The friendly and knowledgeable Shumsky team will be happy to assist you in developing the perfect promotional marketing solution or strategy for your organization. Also, keep up-to-date on all the latest Shumsky news, events, and offers on Shumsky’s Facebook page at About the Healthiest Employer Survey The Dayton Business Journal partnered with the privately held technology and data research firm Healthiest Employers to assess the corporate wellness programs of nominated companies. Healthiest Employers established its proprietary scoring and benchmarking with the help of PhDs, physicians, c-level executives and wellness and human resource professionals from across the U.S. Contact Information Shumsky Joe Eckley 800-223-2203 Contact

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