Greece’s economic triumphs and trials will be brought into sharp focus in Greece: An Economic Odyssey, an exclusive one-hour documentary to be screened shortly on CNBC Africa.

This hard-hitting documentary on the prevalent economic crisis in Greece, presented by esteemed Greek journalist Irene Nikolopoulou, will be broadcast at 8pm on Monday, 16 July. It is sponsored by Investment Solutions.

Award-winning journalist Nikolopoulou conducted interviews with leading international personalities for the documentary, while the narration was handled by CNBC Africa anchor and Forbes Africa managing editor Chris Bishop.

2012 has been a dramatic year for Greece. The cradle of Western civilization teetered on the brink of bankruptcy as its politicians squabbled. For months the world speculated about whether Greece would stay in the Eurozone, and whether its economic failure would ignite a wider European crisis. But for the time being, it appears as if the Eurozone will hold together.

Against this backdrop, CNBC Africa brings its viewers the story of Greece – from its glorious beginnings to its economic meltdown. And ask the questions to which we all want answers: what went wrong? And what is the roadmap to a Greek recovery?

“As a channel we continuously strive to bring our viewers views and news that affect their economies and markets. We think the Greek crisis is one all Africa-watchers should know intimately because it has hurt us, but at the same time it has given us an opportunity to show Africa’s investment worth”, says CNBC Africa editor-in-chief Godfrey Mutizwa.

“This is a story showing how unbridled spending and unaccountability can bring even the strongest economies down, considering the fact that Greece was anchored by the European Union. Greece: An Economic Odyssey is the first of many incisive, in-depth and compelling stories that will come from CNBC Africa in the years and months ahead,” concludes Mutizwa.

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