Gastech Specialist Events Launches the East Africa Gas Forum


Recent discoveries and the potential for gas monetisation, as well as the high probability of investment in infrastructure to support LNG exports, have meant that East Africa is a game changer for the global gas market.  The opportunities for economic and social development in the region and for international organisations keen to invest in the region are potentially enormous.

Gastech Specialist Events is delighted to announce the launch of its East Africa Gas Forum (, to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 5-7 September, 2012. The Forum is supported by the Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals and will focus on the strategic, commercial, and geopolitical issues underlying the development of major recently discovered gas resources within the region, what impact they will have on the domestic market, and the strong potential for LNG export.


Speakers include government officials, IOCs, NOCs, investors, and other leading experts who will be integral to shaping the development of projects.  Topics discussed will include:

  • The commercial potential for East African gas on the global market
  • Focused sessions on key  countries, including: Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya
  • Understanding the commitments of regional governments, considerations when doing business within East Africa, taxation, and overcoming challenges of market entry
  • Gas infrastructure: getting gas resources to the buyers – pipelines, LNG terminals, general infrastructure
  • The cost of securing assets offshore, political risk, and potential ROI
  • The region’s energy requirements – how gas will be used domestically — updates on regional gas-fired power projects and the impact of predicted economic growth


Confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Nelson Ocuane, Chairman, ENH
  • Alfred D. Byigero, Director-Energy Regulation, RWANDA UTILITIES REGULATORY AGENCY
  • Chris Ford, Managing Director, SONGAS
    • Eugene Okpere, General Manager Global Exploration, SASOL
    • Ali Abdullahi, Special Advisor, Prime Minister and Cabinet on Energy, Infrastructure, Water, SOMALIA TRANSITIONAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT


To learn more about how your organisation can promote its expertise to key industry leaders operating in the region, contact Michelle Thorby on +44 (0)20 3615 2875 or


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For additional information about the programme, press enquiries, or to become a media partner, please contact Anthony Webb on +44 (0)203 180 6533 or email


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