UK: Homeowners are Finding Their Energy Bills Harder to Understand


PRESTON, England, August, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Many people are finding their household energy bills difficult to understand, according to a recent study.

The survey, carried out by has revealed that 82% of customers are easily confused by their energy bills and find them too complex.

As people pay their energy and household bills on a regular basis it should be made clear how much people owe, with a simple breakdown that shows how much energy has been used quarterly or monthly.

Experts at uSwitch have claimed that these complex bills could be costing customers, as 78% admitted that they struggled to work out how much they owed on their bills and were unable to check any miscalculations.

The findings also reveal that it is not only energy bills that consumers are attempting to understand, as 32% claimed that telephone bills were just as difficult to work out, with a further 28% who also agreed that water bills are hard to understand.

But it was the energy firms who displayed the most puzzling bills to their customers with 86% stating they are too complicated, 76% stating they use too much jargon and 71% stating that they could not find the relevant information they needed.

As the statistics indicate that many are struggling to understand their household bills, it is clear that the bills need to be simplified, worded differently and presented in a new format. However, only 24% are convinced that they read their bill correctly which highlights that some are reluctant to read them properly and would rather pay their bill quickly.

Despite the confusion with energy bills, customers have complimented energy firms by saying that the bills have become more friendly in the last year, and also admitted that the bills are clearly presented. As a contrast, the least complicated bills were said to be from digital TV providers, banks, credit card and mortgage companies.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at said: “Consumers are spending thousands of pounds a year on household bills, so the least they should expect is for them to be easy to understand.”

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