Sarama Resources Reports Encouraging Results from Initial Exploration Programs on the Serakoro 1 Property at its South Houndé Project in Burkina Faso


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VANCOUVER, Canada, Aug. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Sarama Resources Limited (“Sarama” or the “Company“) is pleased to report results of initial exploration programs on its Serakoro 1 exploration property (“Serakoro 1” or the “Property“) on the Houndé Belt in south-western Burkina Faso, West Africa.  The programs have delineated two extensive gold-in-soil anomalies measuring 25km and 14km in length, and scout drilling has generated a number of encouraging results including 27m @ 3.71 g/t Au and 13m @ 2.12 g/t Au.


  • Two extensive gold-in-soil anomalies, measuring 25km and 14km in length,
    have been delineated by a soil geochemistry program undertaken by
    Sarama at Serakoro 1.


  • A reverse circulation (“RC”) scout drilling program, comprising 9 lines,
    undertaken by Sarama yielded a number of encouraging downhole
    intersections with highlights including:
FRC417 27m @ 3.71 g/t Au from 35m (including 2m @ 40.40 g/t Au)
FRC433 13m @ 2.12 g/t Au from 65m (including 1m @ 12.20 g/t Au)
FRC422 3m @ 6.49 g/t Au from 76m (including 1m @ 17.10 g/t Au)
FRC449 4m @ 4.37 g/t Au from 71m
FRC412 5m @ 2.61 g/t Au from 22m (including 1m @ 10.60 g/t Au)
FRC410 5m @ 1.74 g/t Au from 10m (including 2m @ 3.58 g/t Au), and
3m @ 4.75 g/t au from 88m (including 1m @ 12.50 g/t Au)
  • The Serakoro 1 results provide a second major exploration focus within
    Sarama’s 1,600km² South Houndé Project in south-western Burkina Faso.


The 250km² Serakoro 1 property is located on the western margin of the
Houndé Belt, approximately 85km south-east of the major regional town
of Bobo-Dioulasso and 10km west of Sarama’s Tankoro exploration
property (refer Figure 1).

The Houndé Belt is a regionally significant assemblage of greenstone
rocks, typically of volcanic and sedimentary origin belonging to the
Lower Proterozoic Birimian Supergroup, as well as inter-belt granitoids
of various compositions.  The Birimian greenstone rocks are renowned
for their economic gold deposits, hosting large deposits such as the
Obuasi and Ahafo mines in Ghana, the Morila and Sadiola mines in Mali
and the Mana and Essakane mines in Burkina Faso.

Several multi-million ounce gold deposits have been discovered within
the Houndé Belt in recent years; notably Semafo Inc’s Mana mine and
Avion Gold Corp’s Vindaloo deposit, highlighting the potential of the
exploration belt.

Sarama holds an option over the gold mineral rights to Serakoro 1, with
the right to acquire a 95% interest in the Property through a series of
4 instalment payments aggregating US$575,000.  Upon reaching the 95%
interest level, Sarama may increase its ownership to 98% by making a
final instalment payment of US$3,000,000, following which the vendor
will retain a 2% free-carried equity interest.  No royalties are
payable to the vendor in respect of this property.

The Company has completed an initial permit-wide soil geochemistry
survey which resulted in the delineation of two parallel coherent and
extensive gold-in-soil anomalies, measuring 25km and 14km in length.
The anomalies are approximately 1km in width, extending out to 2km
width in several areas (refer Figure 2).

Based on these promising soil geochemistry results, Sarama conducted a 9
line, 74 hole, 7,400m RC scout drilling program over 6 of the most
promising anomalies with significant results from this campaign listed
in Appendix A.

Sarama will continue fieldwork on the Property in the upcoming
exploration season, initially focusing on the areas that returned
highlighted drill results and other untested drill targets identified
by the soil geochemistry survey.

Sarama’s President and CEO, Andrew Dinning commented:

“Our initial exploration programs on Serakoro 1 have provided
encouraging results with the delineation of two extensive gold-in-soil
anomalies and the initial scout drilling has generated a number of
significant intersections that will be followed-up in the next
exploration season.  We are pleased to have this property forming
another exploration focus for us in our major land position in Burkina
which allows us to be poised to lead the new generation of
explorers in this prolific belt.”

For further information on the Company’s activities, please contact:

Andrew Dinning or Paul Schmiede
telephone: +61 8 9363 7600

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as
that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

About Sarama Resources Ltd

Sarama Resources Ltd is a Canadian company with a focus on the
exploration and development of gold deposits in West Africa.  The board
of directors and management team, a majority of whom are founders of
the Company, are seasoned resource industry professionals with
extensive experience in the exploration and development of world-class
gold projects in Africa.

The South Houndé Project in south-west Burkina Faso is the Company’s
flagship property and is currently the focus of an aggressive
exploration program to test gold-in-soil anomalies located in a
20km-long structural corridor.  Recent drilling programs at the South
Houndé Project have intersected significant mineralisation in several
prospect areas which the Company is actively following-up.  The Company
has built substantial early stage exploration landholdings in
prospective and underexplored areas of Burkina Faso (>2,800 km²),
Liberia (>2,400 km²) and Mali (>1,200 km²) and is aggressively
exploring across the property portfolio.

Figure 1:    Sarama’s Exploration Interests in South-West Burkina Faso

Figure 2:    Soil Geochemistry Survey & highlighted Scout Drilling
Results – Serakoro 1

Caution Regarding Forward Looking Statements

Information in this news release that is not a statement of historical
fact constitutes forward-looking information.  Such forward-looking
information includes statements regarding the Company’s planned
exploration programs, including when results may be available.  Actual
results, performance or achievements of the Company may vary from the
results suggested by such forward-looking statements due to known and
unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. Such factors include,
among others, that the business of exploration for gold and other
precious minerals involves a high degree of risk and is highly
speculative in nature; few properties that are explored are ultimately
developed into producing mines; geological factors; the actual results
of current and future exploration; changes in project parameters as
plans continue to be evaluated, as well as those factors disclosed in
the Company’s publicly filed documents.

There can be no assurance that any mineralisation that is discovered
will be proven to be economic, or that future required regulatory
licensing or approvals will be obtained. However, the Company believes
that the assumptions and expectations reflected in the forward-looking
information are reasonable. Assumptions have been made regarding, among
other things, the Company’s ability to carry on its exploration
activities, the sufficiency of funding, the timely receipt of required
approvals, the price of gold and other precious metals, that the
Company will not be affected by adverse political events, the ability
of the Company to operate in a safe, efficient and effective manner and
the ability of the Company to obtain further financing as and when
required and on reasonable terms. Readers should not place undue
reliance on forward-looking information.

Sarama does not undertake to update any forward-looking information,
except as required by applicable laws.

Notes – Soil Geochemistry

Soil geochemistry results are reported as processed data for a
population of raw assay results.  The effects of mechanical and
chemical concentration, weathering, and the topographical and
vegetative settings have not been presented and therefore results
reflect a first-pass exploration phase.  No top-cuts were applied to
assay grades.

Sarama undertakes geological sampling and assaying in accordance with
its QA/QC program which includes the use of uncertified reference
materials and field duplicates.  Gold assay work was undertaken by the
ALS Group (“ALS“) laboratory in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Assays are determined by
the bulk-leach-extractable-gold (“BLEG“) assay method using a nominal 500g sample which is subjected to
cyanide leaching and AAS finish with a 1ppb Au lower detection limit.

Soil samples were collected from holes with a nominal diameter of 200mm
which were manually excavated to a depth of approximately 400-500mm.
Holes were spaced on a regular grid measuring 400m (north-south) x 100m
(east west).  Sub-samples of 700-1,000g were produced from field
samples for each hole, which were then assayed using the BLEG method.

The gold-in-soil anomalies represented were delineated using the 80th percentile of the samples’ Au grade population (Au >10ppb).

Notes – Drilling

Drilling results are quoted as downhole intersections.  Due to the
preliminary stage of the drilling, the nature of the mineralisation is
not fully understood and it is therefore not appropriate to provide
guidance on the relationship of the downhole intersection length to the
true width of mineralisation.  The reported composites were determined
using a cut-off grade of 0.3g/t Au to select significant and anomalous
intersections, with a maximum of 2m internal dilution being
incorporated into the composite where appropriate.  No top-cuts were
applied to assay grades.  Isolated mineralised intersections less than
2m in length have not been reported.

Sarama undertakes geological sampling and assaying in accordance with
its QA/QC program which includes the use of certified reference
materials and duplicates.  Gold assay work was undertaken by the SGS
S.A. (“SGS“) laboratories in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Morila, Mali.  Assays
are determined by the fire assay method using a 50 gram charge, lead
collection and an AAS finish with a 0.01g/t Au lower detection limit.

Drilling was designed using west-east oriented holes, dipping at -55° to
the east and approximately 100m in length.  Holes were spaced
approximately 40-60m apart along the drill lines.  RC drill chips were
sampled over regular 1m composited intervals.

Qualified Person’s Statement

Scientific or technical information in this news release that relates to
the Company’s exploration activities in Burkina Faso is based on
information compiled or approved by Michel MercierMichel Mercier is
an employee of Sarama Resources Ltd and is a member in good standing of
the Ordre des Géologues du Québec and has sufficient experience which
is relevant to the commodity and style of mineralisation under
consideration and activity which he is undertaking to qualify as a
Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.  Michel Mercier
consents to the inclusion in this report of the information, in the
form and context in which it appears.

Appendix A – Significant RC Drill Results

Location BHID Downhole Intersection Depth 




Dip Azimuth Hole 


Line 1 FRC387 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
(Western Anomaly) FRC388 2m @ 0.71g/t Au 35m 37m -55° 90° 100m
5m @ 0.46g/t Au 49m 54m .. .. ..
2m @ 0.51g/t Au 59m 61m .. .. ..
10m @ 0.62g/t Au 67m 77m .. .. ..
incl. 2m @ 1.93g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
2m @ 0.49g/t Au 93m 95m .. .. ..
FRC389 6m @ 0.64g/t Au 38m 44m -55° 90° 100m
2m @ 1.91g/t Au 94m 96m .. .. ..
FRC390 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC391 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC392 4m @ 0.43g/t Au 20m 24m -55° 90° 103m
FRC393 2m @ 1.23g/t Au 12m 14m -55° 90° 100m
4m @ 0.24g/t Au 77m 81m .. .. ..
Line 2 FRC410 5m @ 1.74g/t Au 10m 15m -55° 90° 103m
(Western Anomaly) incl. 2m @ 3.58g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
7m @ 0.92g/t Au 59m 66m .. .. ..
3m @ 4.75g/t Au 88m 91m .. .. ..
incl. 1m @ 12.50g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
FRC411 6m @ 0.90g/t Au 5m 11m -55° 90° 100m
incl. 1m @ 3.77g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
11m @ 0.54g/t Au 34m 45m .. .. ..
3m @ 0.90g/t Au 53m 56m .. .. ..
FRC412 5m @ 2.61g/t Au 22m 27m -55° 90° 100m
incl. 1m @ 10.60g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
4m @ 0.73g/t Au 49m 53m
2m @ 0.54g/t Au 90m 92m
FRC413 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC414 4m @ 1.50g/t Au 48m 52m -55° 90° 100m
incl. 1m @ 4.50g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
3m @ 2.16g/t Au 61m 64m .. .. ..
FRC415 3m @ 1.27g/t Au 24m 27m -55° 90° 100m
3m @ 0.39g/t Au 79m 82m .. .. ..
FRC416 2m @ 1.00g/t Au 39m 41m -55° 90° 100m
4m @ 0.39g/t Au 44m 48m .. .. ..
4m @ 0.45g/t Au 80m 84m .. .. ..
FRC417 27m @ 3.71g/t Au 35m 62m -55° 90° 100m
incl. 2m @ 40.40g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
3m @ 1.22g/t Au 67m 70m .. .. ..
4m @ 0.37g/t Au 80m 84m .. .. ..
FRC418 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC419 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC420 16m @ 0.49g/t Au 58m 74m -55° 90° 100m
FRC421 4m @ 0.47g/t Au 30m 34m -55° 90° 100m
2m @ 0.56g/t Au 52m 54m .. .. ..
FRC422 3m @ 6.49g/t Au 76m 79m -55° 90° 100m
incl. 1m @ 17.10g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
Line 3 FRC394 2m @ 1.04g/t Au 52m 54m -55° 90° 100m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC395 5m @ 1.48g/t Au 5m 10m -55° 90° 100m
2m @ 1.39g/t Au 48m 50m .. .. ..
4m @ 0.19g/t Au 73m 77m .. .. ..
2m @ 0.44g/t Au 91m 93m .. .. ..
FRC396 2m @ 0.35g/t Au 27m 29m -55° 90° 100m
FRC397 2m @ 0.52g/t Au 16m 18m -55° 90° 100m
FRC398 2m @ 0.42g/t Au 40m 42m -55° 90° 100m
FRC399 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC400 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC401 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC402 4m @ 0.31g/t Au 48m 52m -55° 90° 100m
Line 4 FRC403 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC404 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 99m
FRC405 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC406 3m @ 2.34g/t Au 93m 96m -55° 90° 100m
FRC407 no significant assays .. .. 55° 90° 97m
FRC408 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC409 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
Line 5 FRC423 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC424 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC425 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC426 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC427 2m @ 0.37g/t Au 74m 76m -55° 90° 100m
FRC428 3m @ 0.39g/t Au 90m 93m -55° 90° 100m
FRC429 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC430 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC431 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC432 2m @ 0.33g/t Au 45m 47m -55° 90° 100m
2m @ 1.07g/t Au 76m 78m .. .. ..
3m @ 0.30g/t Au 84m 87m .. .. ..
FRC433 3m @ 1.57g/t Au 56m 59m -55° 90° 109m
13m @ 2.12g/t Au 65m 78m .. .. ..
incl. 1m @12.20g/t Au .. .. .. .. ..
18m @ 0.65g/t Au 82m 100m .. .. ..
FRC434 4m @ 0.31g/t Au 33m 37m -55° 90° 100m
FRC435 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC436 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
Line 6 FRC437 3m @ 0.96g/t Au 33m 36m -55° 90° 109m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC438 3m @ 0.69g/t Au 33m 36m -55° 90° 100m
2m @ 0.72g/t Au 81m 83m .. .. ..
2m @ 2.26g/t Au 92m 94m .. .. ..
FRC439 5m @ 0.58g/t Au 20m 25m -55° 90° 103m
FRC440 3m @ 0.59g/t Au 50m 53m -55° 90° 100m
6m @ 0.29g/t Au 85m 91m .. .. ..
FRC441 2m @ 1.97g/t Au 28m 30m -55° 90° 91m
3m @ 0.99g/t Au 68m 71m .. .. ..
FRC442 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 106m
FRC443 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 109m
FRC444 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 91m
FRC445 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
FRC446 2m @ 0.62g/t Au 29m 31m -55° 90° 100m
FRC447 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC448 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 91m
FRC449 4m @ 4.37g/t Au 71m 75m -55° 90° 100m
FRC450 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 92m
Line 7 FRC451 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 109m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC452 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC453 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 95m
FRC454 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
Line 8 FRC455 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 100m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC456 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC457 no significant assays .. .. -55° 90° 103m
FRC458 3m @ 0.67g/t Au 45m 48m -55° 90° 100m
Line 9 FRC459 2m @ 0.77g/t Au 88m 90m -55° 90° 100m
(Eastern Anomaly) FRC460 4m @ 0.21g/t Au 36m 40m -55° 90° 100m


SOURCE Sarama Resources Limited

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