EmeritusAfrica.com: Launch of Africa’s Higher Education Social Networking Site


Consortium of African professionals launch EmeritusAfrica.com, the continents higher education social networking site.


Emeritus Africa Press Release (Microsoft Word)

Abuja, Nigeria – A consortium of African professionals are “bringing continental connectivity” to higher education in Africa with the global launch of EmeritusAfrica.com an enhanced social networking site whose aim is to give students and academics in higher education institutions across Africa an opportunity to connect with each other, share knowledge, research, opinions and promote academic and cultural integration and understanding.

EmeritusAfrica.com is a streamlined, user friendly platform with features that focus on, and promote academic interaction within a familiar social context. Special enhanced features have been incorporated into the site while keeping things simple. “Our focus is on delivering a site that promotes and accelerates the development of academic and social collaboration between Africans and African Institutions and with the rest of the world” said Co-founder Esona Onuoha.

EmeritusAfrica.com has unique features by which members are able to explore and exhibit their academic communities. Members are able to post relevant pictures and videos, participate in discussion forums, post and search for academic conferences and events, upload and publish academic papers and projects, and create groups and blogs to explore academic/research interests and expertise.


While patterned on the familiar social network model, EmeritusAfrica.com aims to add value to the social networking experience for students in Africa, and to change the academic landscape on the continent, through special projects and collaboration with other partners in the development of higher education in Africa.





Esona Onuoha

Co-Founder, EmeritusAfrica.com

Tel: 0803 4114 888


Website: www.emeritusafrica.com


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