World of Licensing Launches With Sanrio Properties to Capture a Piece of the $2 Billion, Middle East, Indian and African Licensed Goods Market


LONDON, August 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

World of Licensing, a new global licensing agency, launches today in London as an authorised agent of the $6 billion global phenomenon Sanrio brand, Hello Kitty. World of Licensing, is headquartered in London, and it’s three regional offices in Milan, Beirut and Hong Kong will open by the end of August 2012. The new agency, will offer a full range of licensing services including:

  • Licensing consulting and contract negotiation
  • Innovation, design and product development for retailers, distributors and manufacturers
  • Local and international marketing and design support
  • Insight gathering and consumer research to drive potential innovations and marketing strategy to ensure the best returns for the licensees investment

World of Licensing’s dedicated team will help clients through the entire process, to ensure the perfect working relationship between licensor and licensee. The agency is run by a team of licensing experts with over 70 years of experience between them in licensing, marketing, product development, retail and manufacturing. The initial Hello Kitty and Sanrio character focus will be on the African and Indian markets where the characters have little presence and whose total licensing value is only worth $2 billion.

All the markets have seen massive growth in licensed products. Forecasts indicate the markets are maturing at lightning speed which will offer lots of new licencing prospects. It is estimated that character licensing in India alone will grow to $2 billion in the next five years and Africa is set to see a 16% growth on top of its current $285 million market value. Although these figures are comparatively less, when compared to the US market worth $108 billion, India and Africa have been identified, by research carried out by World of Licensing, as obvious emerging markets to target.

International Licensing Director, Nathan Tari states “With these numbers, all licensors, licensees, manufacturers, retailers and agencies like us, stand to gain by leveraging the growth and opportunities these markets have to offer. Our in-depth knowledge, experience and market insight gives us not only a competitive advantage but also enables us to accelerate the growth in local economies.”

He continues, “We see ourselves as licensing incubators, our offering is totally unique as no other agent can provide the depth and breadth of services we do, ensuring that every enterprise engaged in the licensing cycle benefits from maximum profits and exposure.”

Notes to editors:

About World of Licensing

Founded in July 2012, as an authorised licensing and full-service agents of Sanrio in the Africa, Middle East and India regions. World of Licensing also provide license & contract negotiation and enforcement, design and product development, through its marketing & Innovation teams providing international marketing and NPD support to businesses looking to maximize their licence ROI. The team had a proven track record with Sanrio and licensees in creating international brands and products with our ‘concept to shelf’ offering.  By working closely with licensees WOL ensure that global licensing programs, branding and marketing plans are put in place and hit the market effectively.  World of Licensing works with global brands and large corporations in many regions of the world, including the emerging markets. We know and understand the challenges faced in these regions, but also the rewards that come from being a true innovator in a rapidly changing business environment.

About Sanrio

Sanrio was founded in 1960 by Mr. ShintaroTsuji, who created a line of character merchandise based on the concept that as a small gift can bring a big smile Sanrio designs, develops, distributes and licenses a unique collection of over 12.000 branded gift, stationery and fashion accessory items while collaborating with the coolest brands in the world. Sanrio is nowadays a global brand that is fashionable with girls and women everywhere. Sanrio is among the Top Five License Brands in the world with offerings for both the mass and luxury markets and everything in between – 30,000 retail outlets worldwide spanning 70 countries. With the newest style guides the Sanrio brand is today one of the coolest and up-to-date lifestyle brands, touching all facets of our customers’ lives with a captivating, whimsical and confident style that appeals to kids, tweens and adults No other brand’s image is as pervasive, with a unique charm that translates across every culture.

For further information, case studies and market statistics please contact Tessa McMahon at Xpert Communications at or +44(0)207-978-0580


SOURCE World of Licensing

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