CW Group Global Outlook for 2012 Reaffirmed, 2013 Expected to Reach 3.991 Billion Tons


Las Vegas, NV, September, 2012 –(– In its mid-2012 update of global cement volumes, the CW Group lowers its global outlook to 5.3 percent and 5.8 percent for 2012 and 2013, respectively. The mix of regional growth patterns changes with material upgrades and downgrades.

“In what has rapidly become an industry benchmark, our latest mid-2012 forecast shows an increased bifurcation in growths across regions. We see prolonged challenges in the developed world, led by more dramatic than anticipated declines in Western Europe. We also lower our view on the Eastern Europe-CIS, Middle East, Latin America and China regions, partially on spill-over effects. This said, we see hope in Africa and, encouragingly, in North America. No doubt we are setting the stage for what we expect to be a global shift in strategic dynamics and emerging corporate champions,” said Robert Madeira, CW Group Managing Director and Head of Research.

The latest benchmark Global Cement Volume Forecast Report (GCVFR) by the CW Group—the leading global cement industry advisory and analytics firm—shows global cement consumption, ex-China, expanding at 3.7 percent in 2012 to reach 1.561 billion tons. The increase is a decline from the four percent consumption volume growth in 2011 when worldwide cement demand ex-China reached 1.494 billion tons.

“The CW Analytics team derives the latest forecast using a combination of country-level, bottom-up statistical, qualitative and external perspectives. We feel this provides a great balance of quantitative rigor combined with practitioners’ perspectives that we gather through what we believe to be the global cement sector’s most comprehensive, global and extensive information platform, CemWeek,” explained Claudia Stefanoiu, CW Group Senior Analyst and lead on the GCVFR initiative.

Stefanoiu added, “In our mid-year 2012 update, we have also further refined our data baseline models to provide better views on capacity and historical data as well as provide a review of recent market dynamics for the key forecast countries. Many of the data sources that are widely used by the industry were simply of insufficient quality or too erroneous to be relied on. As such, we will continuously maintain and work to refine our in-house data views so that our clients can expect to continue receiving improved baselines as we refine our models and inputs.”

Overall, although they expect slow growth to continue at a global level, the outlook is cloudier than ever, leaving room for a higher degree of uncertainty than usual in their forecast. Competing macroeconomic forces, led by a persistent drag from Europe alongside robust (albeit fraying at the margins) growth in emerging markets, create a tug-of-war between cement market fundamentals and global economic linkages. The CW Group recognizes the challenges ahead, and we advise our clients to more than usual keep revisiting market assumptions and outlook based on changing conditions. With the current market, the biggest error is not in revising forecasts but rather in relying on static models.

About the GCVFR
The benchmark forecast second-half 2012 update to the benchmark Global Cement Volume Forecast Report (GCVFR) by the CW Group, the leading global cement industry advisory and analytics group, provides a unique bottom-up approach to provide a global, regional and country-level 3-year forecast of cement consumption, capacity and utilization rates for 58 individual countries. The authoritative GCVFR is available in subscription hardcopy format for US$1,750 per year for a single user license (plus shipping and handling) including two updates annually (in February and September), providing detailed information on cement consumption, production, utilization and manufacturing capacity.

The report is available directly from the CW Group by contacting or by visiting our website at:

About CW Group
The CW Group is the leading provider of management consulting, investment advisory, research and business insight to the global cement and heavy materials industry. The CW Group includes the CW Advisors, CW Analytics and various information and data platforms like

The Group works in all segments of the industry providing clients with value-added business solutions, including:
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Founded by Robert Madeira, Managing Director and Group Head of Research, the CW Group utilizes an extensive network of team members from across the U.S. and Europe, with partners in Brazil, India and the Philippines. The CW Group delivers innovative, customized solutions to cement companies, construction materials producers, manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, investors, and construction trade associations. For more information, visit

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