Invitation to all African cartoonists worldwide Participate in the Cartoon Competition of the Third World Journalist Net (DWJN) „Change the Perspective“



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Third World Journalist Net

(Dritte Welt Journalisten Netz e.V., DWJN)

Invitation to all African cartoonists worldwide

Participate in the Cartoon Competition of the

Third World Journalist Net (DWJN)

„Change the Perspective“



African Unity – Illusion and Myth or Imperative and Opportunity

This cartoon competition will be a contribution to the 50th anniversary of the African Union (AU) former OAU on May 25, 2013.

Deadline for entries is December 31, 2012, 12 pm!!!


In 2007, the Third World Journalist Net (in the following DWJN) and the journal eins-Entwicklungspolitik (development politics) invited cartoonists from all over the world to a global contest on Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance. 2300 cartoonists of all 191 member states of the United Nations as well as national and international associations of cartoonists were invited to participate. Among the entries 37 cartoons were designed by African cartoonists. The 1st prize went to Jonathan Shapiro/Zapiro (South Africa), the 2nd prize to René Bouschet (France) and the 3rd prize to Wolfgang Ammer (Austria). Siphiwo Sobopha (South Africa) received a special award from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Congolese-German organisation „Dialogue International“ created the exhibition „Africa – without chance or on the move? – Cartoonists from all over the world give answers“. This touring exhibition with a selection of 30 cartoons is widely used in the political and development education by Dialogue International.


The 50th anniversary of the African Union/Organisation for African Unity (AU/OAU) on May 25, 2013 provides a unique opportunity to take up the issue once more focussing on African unity and Pan-African discourse, i.e.: African unity – illusion and mystification or imperative and opportunity. Many people believe that the lack of opportunities for Africa is because political unity is not happening, instead crises and violent conflicts dominate the scene. Others consider African unity as a means of destroying African diversity, so that it is an unworthy goal. Again others criticize African union as a mystification, a tool of African elites to deceive Africans. At the same time the Pan-African ideal is highly valued by most Africans, who believe it provides great opportunities for Africa and is the heart of the African renaissance.


African views and perspectives should be the focus of this debate. Therefore, the competition is exclusively held for African cartoonists. We call upon you to contribute with your cartoons to changing the view of Africa: „change the perspective“.

The awards ceremony will take place around May 25, 2013. On the same day, an exhibition will be opened with a selection of the entries in this competition as well as several of the 2007 competition.


The awards will be decided by an independent jury, appointed by DWJN (Third World Journalist Net).


The prizes will be 5000€ for the 1st prize, 2000€ for the 2nd prize and 1000€ for the 3rd prize.


An international workshop on the issue “The role of cartoons in African development” is planned following the award ceremony.


Organizer of the competition and the award ceremony is the journalist Juergen Weber.


The cartoons are to be sent to, and, to be safe, to be copied to


Time schedule


Entry deadline for cartoons will be December 31, 2012, midnight. Cartoons must be submitted by e-mail.


The jury, which will be appointed by December 31, 2012, will meet and select the winners before May 25, 2013.


The award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition will be held around May 25, 2013 in Berlin. The international workshop may take place at the same weekend.




Conditions of Participation


The theme of the contest is


„Change the Perspective“: African Unity – Illusion and Mystification or Imperative and Opportunity

Terms and conditions of entry

Cartoonists from Africa including African diaspora are entitled to participate in the competition. Members of the jury or the organisers/promoters (and their families) are barred from entry.

Entrants may submit only one cartoon each. No strip cartoons.

Technical details and format of entries

The cartoons must be in b/n for PC and suitable for reproduction. Coloured caricatures may also be submitted for competition. As a selection of cartoons will be enlarged to A1 size (594mm x 841mm), the following file formats and resolution must be strictly observed:

Size: A4 (max 294 mm)

Resolution: 300 dpi

File format: jpg

Entries must be an original entry without competition history. The cartoons should be comprehendible by people in all parts of the world. Therefore, text and words in the cartoons should be avoided. If words are inevitable, they must be in English. The title of the cartoon as well as the personal details (cartoonist’s name and address) must be submitted along with the cartoon.

Rights of use and fees

All entries submitted are offered to the DWJN (organizer of the contest) for publication. If they are published, the cartoonist will be paid according to the standards applicable. The copyright owners of the winning cartoons grant the organisers the right to publish their cartoons free of charge within the context of the contest. All entrants agree to their works being featured on the contest website.

Furthermore, all entrants agree to their works becoming part of an exhibition free of charge, provided that their works are considered suitable. The cartoons selected will be used in the field of development education. The exhibition will be shown at the award ceremony and on other occasions of political and development education.

The jury’s decisions are final and non-contestable.

As the cartoons and the results of the contest are publicised, the media will be interested in using and especially in reprinting the cartoons. Cartoonists should therefore provide their bank details and conditions for reprinting, so that those interested can be informed accordingly.

The three winners will be awarded as follows:


1st prize                   Euro 5,000.00
2nd prize                  Euro 2,000.00
3rd prize                   Euro 1,000.00

How to submit entries

The cartoons are to be sent to , and to

Deadline for entries is December 31, 2012, 12 pm.!!!


No Legal Recourse

The jury’s decision is final. The DWJN as organiser assumes no responsibility for any loss of entries. Costs of dispatch are to be borne by the sender.


Project office

Please address further inquiries to:


Mr Juergen Weber

c/o Medienkombinat Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 187/188

D – 10997 Berlin


P: +49 (0)30 78913457

M: +49 (0)17620047057




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