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Rooti Dolls by Rooti Creations UK Ltd is a range of gorgeous educational black fashion dolls that can speak and teach children many phrases in various African ethnic languages. Rooti Dolls enables parents to seize back the initiative and guarantees their children learn their native languages- through play. Our product undoubtedly holds the key to halting the demise of Africa’s ethnic languages. People from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Angola, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Cameroon etc., will all have dolls that speak their various ethnic languages. Children will pick up words and phrases from playing with our dolls and this will serve as a building block to learn to speak and ultimately preserve our rich and beautiful African languages.

Dolls Image
Our dolls promote culture, language and each doll has a positive role for children to aspire to. The dolls are created as a real image and identity of us as black people- African, African Caribbean and African American. They have wider noses, fuller lips, long curly hair and they come in various shades of black. They also come dressed in a mix of elegant African fabric and western fashion styles. So from an early age, we are getting our children to appreciate the beauty of African products and fashion trends as opposed to all the negative images we see in the media about Africa.

Age Range: 3 years – 12 years of age.
Doll Price: £40 (worth every penny).
Languages: Each Doll speaks four languages.
Purchase: Dolls can be ordered online on or email
Our dolls are made with materials of the highest quality and they come dressed in the best and most stylish of outfits. Other dolls of the same quality and functionality range well over our £50 price tag. They come with their own unique names and identities. So when you purchase a Rooti Doll, you are not just buying a doll, you purchase with it a unique story and personality.

Dolls Names & Language (each dolls speak four languages):
 Ama speak Twi, Ga, Ewe and Krobo (Ghanaian languages)
 Nina speak Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, and Ibibio (Nigerian languages)
 Tisha speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.
 Nubya speak Zulu, Thoxa, Sesotho and Afrikaan (South Africa languages)
 Shiroh is of mixed origin. She can speak and interacts in Swahili, Kikuyu, Luganda, and Somali (Kenyan and Somalian languages).
 Keza’s speaks in Shona, Ndebele, Bemba, and Nyanja (Zimbabwe and Zambia languages).
 Then we have Esther, Marianne, Jackie, Mandi and Maria. They all have their own unique personalities and stories. We also do personality replica dolls- moulding dolls in the image of individuals for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Job Opportunities

We are also looking for Rooti Dolls Field Sales Agents, people keen on going self-employed, mothers, aunties, gran-mothers and housewives keen on getting a second income, promoting their language and culture would benefit from this role. We also would like students and the unemployed, especially in the UK, to earn a living by engaging in face to face marketing with potential customers.

How We Started
Rooti Creations UK Ltd, founded by Chris Ngoforo, a London based entrepreneur is a company that specializes in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of educational and interactive toys for children from three years and above. Additionally, we have other projects lined up to help achieve our mission. We are working on actively engaging The Offices of the African First Ladies, NGOs, government agencies in Africa and all African Embassies in the diasporas to support this important project, by both endorsing these educational dolls and also purchasing them for distribution to children in their communities to encourage the use of African languages both in the diasporas and in Africa.
All media houses and personal blog sites that share our passion and mission and would want to write or report on our projects can contact us via our details below for any relevant information and assistance.

RootiDolls Contact details:
General inquiries:
Wholesale inquiries:
Press inquiries:
Facebook: rooticreations
Twitter: uprootidolls

Please download Rootidolls (.pdf Acrobat Reader)

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