High Yielding Farmland Investment for Retail Investors Yields 16.2%


GreenWorld BVI’s farmland investment in Africa pays high current income with Substantial Upside in Capital Value.

London, United Kingdom, September 20, 2012 –(PR.com)– Boutique alternative investment firm GreenWorld BVI announced that its African Farmland Investment recently paid out its first yearly dividend of 16.2%.

Green World Partner Peter Thompson said, “We are very pleased that this investment paid out such high current income. Its a fine statement of the value of direct farmland investments for individual investors.”

Thompson added that farmland as an investment had the following advantages for retail investors:

High current income when interest rates for traditional savings accounts are close to zero
Very good medium to long-term prospects for capital gain due to the continued high prices of agricultural commodities
An excellent hedge against inflation as central banks inevitably turn to additional printing of money in response to the global financial crisis and a possible break-up of the Eurozone
Farmland provides diversification as it is not correlated to assets such as global stocks

Thompson noted that all of its farmland investments targeted individual investors with minimum investment requirements as low as GBP1,950 (approximately US$3,200).

Cohne added that “all of our offerings, including our agriculture investments, are SIPP eligible for UK citizens, and are a fine way for retail investors to add an asset to their portfolios which provides stability in an uncertain environment.”

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