Togo: “SAWYER” filters for children


243 needy children received on Thursday 20 September 2012, water filters brand “SAWYER”.

Generous gesture of “Compassion International-Togo”,  a Christian organization whose role is to plead the cause of the children needy, to defend their rights and to deliver them of their poverty spiritual, physical, social and economic.


This free distribution of water filters lies within the scope of the Development program holistic of the children, carried out by the Christian organization of benevolence and its Churches partners.


By posing such an act in favor of the stripped children, “Compassion International” intends on the one hand to increase and facilitate the access to drinking water to all the children and households, and on the other hand, to reduce the incidence of the diarrheal diseases in the communities.


With this same occasion, the Christian institution in its concern of supporting these children needy, offered them gracefully batches of school stationery, as a nudge in the right direction in prelude to the next return to school.

‘ These water filters designed simply and in accordance with international norms and standards, have a lifetime of at least five years,” reassured Maxwell  WOGOMEBU, the program manager to “Compassion International”.

Nearly 15 000 children are currently recorded with “Compassion International”, which works  in partnership with 75 Churches in the periphery of Lome, in the zone of Djagblé, in Vogan and Tabligbo.

The children in developing countries such as Togo often suffer the weight of the diarrheal diseases due to the consumption of poor quality water, and it is important that these vulnerable creatures are attended regularly, for their good health.

It is often reproached the Christian organizations, their actions’ capitalist character and their no implication in the social domain.

And if other Christian organizations   encased the step of   “Compassion International”?

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