FORUMESURE, measurement, quality and control professionals exhibit from 22 to 25 April 2013 in Casablanca (Sheraton)


For the first time in Morocco, an international exhibition dedicated to the professionals of measurement

Until now, a part exhibition was organized on the sidelines of international conferences of the African Committee of Metrology (CAFMET) in 2006 in Casablanca, 2008 in Tunis, in Cairo in 2010. The latest edition in Marrakech (April 2012 – CAFMET 2012) brought together 17 exhibitors:

VSL Netherlands, Sika France, Sartorius, Bae System, Milmeatest, Fluke, Nikon, Wika, Cafmet, Symia Hbm, LPEE, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique du Maroc, L2mi & Air Metrologie, JLAM, Mettler Toledo, MCINET Et Zwiebel


Several of them have already confirmed their participation to FORUMESURE.

FORUMESURE, new annual trade show, is aimed at companies and institutions to present their know-how, new products and services to hundreds of Moroccan and international visitors (35 countries represented) expected at the show.


For about thirty exhibitors expected, FORUMESURE is 4 days of exchanges and networking with visitors, to develop technical projects, provide innovative equipment / services and consider new collaborations in an area with a strong industrial potential monitoring constant technological innovation and scientific research.


Access is free for visitors who may also attend free lectures given by the exhibitors.

Alongside the exhibition are organized practical trainings (available on registration).


FORUMESURE targets include:

  • Industries of agri-food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, energy, petrochemicals, textiles, transportation, construction, etc…
  • Testing laboratories (human and animal health, environment, etc…)
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Universities and research laboratories
  • Government agencies
  • Suppliers of equipment and measuring instruments


Events organized by the CAFMET usually are supported both by public and private stakeholders local and international such as LPEE, PTB, AFRIMETS, Mettler Toledo, Sartorius, OCP…


Why exhibit at FORUMESURE? Exhibitor testimonials:

Andreas BAUMANN, Market Manager – Sales International, METTLER -TOLEDO AG

“As exhibitors in 2012, we met a lot of potential customers and discuss all their projects. The exhibition is a way to present our newest technology and to get in contact with other suppliers. We will probably participate in next edition.”


Christian WEIDNER, Marketing Lab Products & Services, SARTORIUS

“Once again Sartorius has been represented as exhibitor on the CAFMET. For us it is an important trade fair for the entire African market. In personal discussions we have seen directly the needs and wants of our customers. Everyone was able to explore our products and learn about the benefits.”


Information and registration to attend FORUMESURE:

The CAFMET: Africa connector between stakeholders in the world of measurement


The CAFMET aims to spread the metrological culture in Africa.

This in mind the CAFMET has connections in Africa and beyond with the various regional metrology organizations.


The CAFMET Africa organizes events that bring together professionals of measurement (training, forums, conferences, trade shows) and more recently CAFMET also organizes interlaboratory comparisons.


Upcoming Events:


4th African Forum of Metrology

Libreville, Gabon – 28 > 31 October 2013

Information : (events – activities)

5th International Conference of Metrology – CAFMET 2014

Pretoria, South Africa – From 31th March to 3rd April 2014


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