Pan-African AgriBusiness Forum 2012: ‘Partnership Day’ to highlight the importance of stable, sustainable and long-term partnerships for Africa’s Agri-Food sector’s growth.


Partnership – key piece of the puzzle to boost Africa’s agriculture as global demand for food grows.


The Government of Senegal will be hosting the AgriBusiness Forum 2012 in Dakar providing a platform to discuss policies linked to partnerships, the key strategy targeted by the international community to improve the continent’s Agri-Food sector’s output. The spotlight will be on the importance of stable, sustainable and long-term partnerships, with best practices and successful collaborations to be showcased.


“Agriculture is essential for the survival of entire communities but it is also a commercial sector. The right balance needs to be reached so that people can not only subsist from farming but enjoy economic independence. Both private and public know-how and Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) are needed to achieve success,” explains Idit Miller, EMRC VP and Managing Director.


The annual forum will be held from 25-28 November 2012 and opened by Senegal President Macky Sall. It will bring together 400 people, regrouping the sector’s professionals, experts, industrialists, financiers, donors, SMEs, small-hold farmers as well as multinationals and civil society to address “Boosting Africa’s Agriculture through Partnership, Investment and Technology”.


Co-organised by UNDP, co-organiser of AgriBusiness Forum 2011 in Johannesburg, the Pan African Agribusiness & Agro Industry Consortium (PanAAC) and EMRC, and in collaboration with FAO, Rabobank Foundation, the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and Amiran Kenya, the forum will be accompanied by an Agricultural Exhibition and B2B sessions guaranteeing an environment conducive to launching new business projects.


Partnership Day will consist of plenary sessions on: How the Agri-Food sector has contributed to the rapid growth of Africa’s GDP and what still needs to be done; Innovative Partnerships for an innovative Agri-Food Sector and Strategic initiatives supporting the agribusiness development in Africa. This will be followed by parallel workshops highlighting: New Initiatives to promote Africa’s SMEs and inclusive agribusiness development (best practices and case studies) and Enhanced trade facilitation for market access for Agri-Food product (with real case studies by practitioners).


“Partnerships are the best way to ensure that goals, resources, expertise and risks are shared and that scientific innovation is available to farmers. If they are properly implemented and managed, PPP can be an ideal formula to a successful project, whereby the government guaranties proper a business environment, and solid infrastructure and the private sector develops and runs the project, ensuring that the quality to price ratio is the highest possible, that the delays follow the plans and that human resources are used properly,” highlights Caterina Giuliano, EMRC Sr Programme Manager.


The Forum will also focus on the crucial role of investment and technology as the other missing pieces needed to establish a strong Agri-Food sector in Africa. Particular attention will be given to the role that the youth need to play and the importance of their role in rural development.

Youth recognition together with innovative and ground-breaking projects have always been an important component of EMRC forums. This will be highlighted during the renowned Project Incubator Award, sponsored by the Rabobank Foundation, which will spotlight four leading innovative businesses with the winner taking home a cash prize of US$15,000.



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