RFXT is happy to announce its participation at the MENA 10th Forex


RFXT is happy to announce its participation at the MENA 10th Forex, Managed Funds, and Investment Summit 2012 in Dubai, UAE on the 15th and 16th of November as Main Sponsor of the event.  RFXT is at the forefront of the regional Forex market with clients and partners all over the region and the world.

Named ‘Best Online Forex Broker’ for 2012 by World Finance Magazine based in London, RFXT is defining itself as a broker of transparency, excellent customer service, superior execution and attractive prices.  Over the past few years, RFXT has grown to offer its global clientele with various products and services ranging from the standard FX and CFDs to futures and both global and GCC equities.

RFXT also commenced its long awaited asset management program in mid-2012 that offers clients the ability to invest their funds in a controlled risk environment with low capital requirements and attractive performance targets.  “We are always looking to add innovative new products online as well as offline. Our team will combine the highest standards in experience, professionalism and discipline to be able to offer this highly demanded service.”

The new managed funds program boasts a conservative performance target of 25% with highs of 45% through day trading in exchange products such as futures and US Treasury bills. The program was specially designed for the wider investor demographic with low capital requirements and flexible program structures. Investors do not have to have their funds locked up for an extended period of time and can withdraw their profits and/or principal on a monthly basis.

The trading strategy of day trading and well defined daily targets and stop loss limits allow this investment to grow in a controlled risk environment. Furthermore, RFXT has set the maximum drawdown at 15% to ensure that the major share of the client’s capital is secure.

We see the MENA 10th Forex, Managed Funds, and Investment Summit to be one of the most prominent investment summits in the region and the perfect place for Forex brokers, money managers, and financial institutions to showcase their products and services.

This summit is also a great opportunity to showcase the potential benefits and gains of online trading in the financial markets in the form of Forex, Metals, Commodities and Indices. We will also make it a point to guide potential investors on strategic trading, risk management and technical analysis application in order to provide aspiring investors with the necessary tools to achieve a successful trading experience.

We are looking forward to being at the MENA 10th Forex, Managed Funds, and Investment Summit and to meeting our clients, partners and potential investors. We hope to see you there!


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