Let Your Ears Do the Talking – How Good Managers Listen

No matter where you stand in the world of business—whether you’re already on top or you’re just trying to break in—some skills are infinitely valuable at any level. One such crucial skill seems simple, but still is dismissed or forgotten all too often: The ability to listen. When employees are surveyed on their bosses’ strengths and weaknesses, listening typically seems to fall on the weak end of the spectrum. The inability to listen could look like one of many things; whether you’re devoting more attention to your smartphone than the person speaking, or you have a tendency to react strongly to bad news, being a poor listener is a huge deterrent to open communication. The following video takes a quick look at some tips to becoming a better listener. Tuning in to what your employees are saying will ultimately help make you into the type of manager who’s worth talking to. And if you’re not the boss yet, check out the video anyway—a little listening can go a long way.

Source: OnlineMBA.com

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