Road Map to PhD

Research is playing a vital role in the ongoing growth of today’s world with new developments emerge on a regular basis. In essence, a PhD program gives an opportunity for transforming thoughts into a practical form using a well defined set of miles stones. In due course, doctoral candidates meet several challenges requiring crucial directions to take them through towards a successful end.  Road Map to PhD provides a comprehensive guide for research students of all fields. A fine detail of stages as encounter in a research program have been compiled in a prescribed sequence. Right from the day first a person can discover what one should be doing the next day. In this context, related tasks have been carefully collaborated with relevant examples before being presented to the readers.  Some of the core topics having fine details of the interrelated topics falling within the main ones are introduction to the program up to MPhil transfer report, background research, design, evaluation and comparison, conclusion and contribution, viva-voce examination and employment roles.

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