Featuring four “GREEN ECO FRIENDLY” products designed in South Africa


1) Power in a Bottle

2)  Tea bag water filter

3) Passive solar water heater

4) Eco friendly soap and degreaser

More info on these four products.

Power in a Bottle: South African developer for this product is looking for investors and partners for setting up mass reproduction plant, marketing and
distribution infrastructure for the roll out in Africa, India and other regions interested.

  • A 5 liter plastic container is revamped into a 7Amp or 12 Amp X 12 Volt battery providing energy.
  • Charge via solar, AC power or Dc power.
  • The power pack runs various small 12 volt dc devices like led lights, cell phone chargers, radios, TVs, computers, showers, rodent repellants, wifi routers and more.
  • Power packs can be added to create more power to run bigger appliances.

Tea bag water filter (nanotechnology): The developer for this product is looking for investors and partners for global distribution.

  • Portable easy-to-use, environmentally friendly high-tech “tea bag” water filter that fits into the neck of a bottle.
  • Turns polluted water into clean drinkable water.
  • Easy access to clean drinking water for vulnerable communities living near polluted water streams.
  • Can be used by outdoor enthusiasts on hiking or camping trips.

Passive solar water heater: South African Company looking for investors and partners and global distributors.

  • Low profile, gravity feed, integral passive solar water heater.
  • The only recyclable low pressure solar water heater on the South African market.
  • UV resistance.
  • Water temperatures up to 93°C.
  • Suitable for all water types.
  • Both inlet and outlet water connections are UV stabilized.
  • SABS approved

Eco friendly soap and degreaser: South African Company looking for investors and partners and global distributors.

  • High power industrial degreaser, cleaner, fat remover, oil remover and solvent for oil, grease and other soils from all surfaces
  • Heavy duty detergent.
  • Antibacterial, antiseptically, detergent and solvent.
  • Highly concentrated, non-flammable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Non-toxic and contains no acids.
  • Cleans any washable surface and may be used on painted surfaces, floors, machinery, precision parts, barbeques, ovens, tiles, grouting, carpets, drainage, engines and machine parts, oily cooking utensils, clothing stains, upholstery, mattresses, pavements, parking areas and many other areas.
  • Suitable for food and health industry.
  • Contains no petroleum products and can be safely used in areas of high risk.
  • This powerful cleaner penetrates grime for effective cleaning of almost any surface.
  • SABS approved.

·         PROPERTIES: Complies with most modern environmental requirements. 100% fireproof, does not etch glass, highly concentrated, bio-degradable, no harmful fumes, safe on rubber, metal, concrete and glass, no harsh odors, leaves clean surface without oily film. Effective on plant, animal, human fat or petroleum based dirt deposits.


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