Standard Bank Group named the ‘Best Primary Originator’

Standard Bank Group has been voted the ‘Best Primary Originator of Kyoto Credits’, in the Environmental Finance 13th Annual Market Survey. Standard Bank Group was awarded this accolade following voting by specialists in all aspects of the environmental and climate finance markets.

Environmental Finance contacted companies for nominations via an online survey.

Voters were asked to vote only in those categories in which they had direct experience and to make their judgments on the basis of: efficiency and speed of transaction; reliability; innovation; quality of information and service provided; and influence on the market, not just the volume of transactions handled. Over 1,000 completed responses were received.

Geoff Sinclair, Head of Carbon Sales & Trading at Standard Bank, said: “We are grateful to be recognised by our peers in the industry for our work in climate finance. Stankard Bank Group is active in, and committed to, sustainable development in Africa, and this is testament to our significant investment over a long period.”

Environmental Finance is one of the leading publications in the UK focusing on the impact of environmental issues on the lending, insurance, investment and trading decisions affecting industry.

For more information about Standard Bank Group’s sustainable development, visit

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