Togo / support to the deprived children: “Compassion International-Togo” in the conquest of the local partners

The persons in charge of the Togolese section of the Christian organization «Compassion International “, are in search of the local partners, with the aim of a synergy of actions for the sponsoring of the deprived children.

Such is the message which they delivered to the journalists, during a meeting of exchanges held on December 18th of this year, in the office of the institution in Lome.


For Mr. ATATY Komlan Peter, director of “Compassion International-Togo”, it is indispensable that willingnesses at the local level feel so concerned in the questions of coverage of the deprived children, because, he justified, «Churches cannot assure the sponsoring of all the deprived children “.

The opportunity also was for the speakers to notify to the public, with the aid of the media, the organization of the national Day of ” Compassion International “, who in reality started since last December 15th by the sports activities.

«Let us express our condolence to the children “, it is around this theme that takes place the week which will come to an end on January 5th, 2013, in the conference hall of Lome.

«Compassion International» is a Christian organization which role is to plead the cause of the destitute children, to defend their rights, and to deliver them from their spiritual, physical, social and economic poverty.

All in all, 83 churches are in partnership with the Togolese section of this Christian institution, which assists more than a million destitute children in more than 26 countries in the world.


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