Zimbabwe country capacity building programme launched


by Wallace Mawire

The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) has launched the Zimbabwe Country Capacity Building Programme whose purpose is to strengthen the economic management capabilities of the government of Zimbabwe to successfully implement its Medium Term Plan (MTP).

According to Mr Kithinji Kiragu, Vice Chairman of the ACBF Executive Board, the programme will focus on two strategic pillars, namely consolidating economic management through the building of capabilities for economic management ministries and related institutions and rebuilding the public sector institutional and human resources capabilities to support the implementation of the MTP.

ACBF is spearheading the initiative in partnership with the government of Zimbabwe.

“Our new focused approach towards country programming is intended to strengthen emphasis and importance of enhancing delivery of results. We believe this will be achieved through effective planning and priority setting at the country level,” Kiragu says.

Dr Frannie Leautier ACBF Executive Secretary, her organization has conducted a capacity development needs assessment exercise and approval of a $5 million grant to contribute in addressing capacity constraints affecting Zimbabwe’s economic management and public sector implementation capabilities.

She says capacity deficits to be addressed by the programme are constistent with the 2011 ACBF African Capacity Indicators report ranking Zimbabwe low on capacities leading to development results and improvement in individual capacities.

The Zimbabwe Medium Term Plan (MTP) for 2011-2015 focuses on economic
transformation to deliver sustainable inclusive growth.It is reported that successful implementation of the MTP is dependent on sustaining macroeconomic stability and broadening economic participation, dependent of effective public sector delivery.

In 2011, ACBF in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance commissioned the Zimbabwe Capacity Development Needs Assessment (ZCDNA) which concluded that the country’s prospects for accelerated economic growth relies on the ability to strengthen macro-economic policy management to sustain the economic recovery process.

The consultative process is reported to have been conducted with development partners led by the government of Zimbabwe.

It led to the production of the needs assessment report culminating in the development of the Zimbabwe Capacity Development Programme.

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