Larta Institute Fosters Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development with New Partnerships in Romania, South Africa

LOS ANGELES, Jan., 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Larta Institute (, a global leader in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, announced two global partnerships, aimed at unlocking the commercialization potential of world-class research and promising technology-based businesses in Romania and South Africa. As these countries look to capitalize on their human and technical assets, support mechanisms for high growth entrepreneurs are at the forefront of their economic planning agendas; yet, local entrepreneurs lack the networks and tools, and their technologies lack the commercial appeal, essential to successfully compete in the global marketplace. The partnerships leverage Larta Institute’s global networks and commercialization expertise and the on-the-ground knowledge and knowhow of two leading regional organizations to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in Romania and South Africa.

Larta’s partners are GEA Strategy & Consulting (, a nationally renowned Romanian innovation consulting and development strategy firm, and Osiba Management (, the premier expert on South African entrepreneurship and small business development policy and programs.  Both firms are at the forefront of exploring initiatives in knowledge-based sectors in their regions that could lead to sustainable economic growth and greater global visibility and participation.

“Networks are central to uncovering the promise of innovations across the world.  Having built a robust network in the U.S., we have sought to capitalize on expertise that is distributed throughout the world.  Larta’s network now extends to every region around the globe. We are proud to associate ourselves with these stellar organizations that are regional leaders in economic analysis and development,” said Rohit Shukla , CEO of Larta Institute.

Romania ranks the lowest of all European countries, at only 13.9%, in its share of SMEs involved in innovation that successfully commercialize new products and services, according to a recent study by GEA Strategy/Technopolis Group.  GEA Strategy & Consulting’s General Manager Dragos Pislaru emphasizes that despite Romania’s strong research base, “much has to be done in terms of turning research results into economic value. We seek to assist both private and public stakeholders in generating an enabling environment for innovation, which includes business support services for commercialization.”  He further underlines that Larta’s support would be very helpful in “GEA Strategy & Consulting’s endeavor to expand beyond Romania to the South Eastern Europe region.”

Osiba Management’s report “Rethinking Small Business Support in South Africa” notes that despite the plethora of South African government support programs that cover many needs of small businesses, private sector support remains fragmented and weak and unemployment remains persistent. As Septi Bukula, Director, Osiba Management, explains, “there is an urgent need to direct attention to fostering high-impact entrepreneurship, particularly amongst youth. This partnership with Larta Institute will provide Osiba Management with world-class expertise and networks in an area that is so crucial to both the country and region’s efforts to drive entrepreneurship.”
SOURCE Larta Institute

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