Exclusive interview with Michael Canfield, Founder & Chairman JITLA inc

Michael Canfield is the inventor of the JITLA technology, visionary and inspiration behind JITLA. He is the original founder and author of the book, JITLA, The Promise Fulfilled. He served in the United States Air Force for 4 years and was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor during the occupation in Vietnam. He received his law degree from La Salle University in 1971.



1. What is the JITLA technology and JITLA.com business all about?

The idea was first conceived in 2003 and in 2007 refined into a patentable plan and submitted to Todd Nissle a patent attorney in Phoenix Arizona for review and comment.

2. When did you start the business and Why?

Mr. Nissle concluded it was patentable and economic.  At that time patent applications were submitted at Mr. Nissles expense as he believed JITLA was the way of the future.

3. What has been happening up until now?

At the same time the inventor published a book on the subject and went on to partner with two Russians to program JITLA into a online business application. Today JITLA fits perfectly into the main stream advertising mix.

4. What is going to happen next?

The partners are seeking financing in the amount of $ five million dollars to compete the programming and defray advertising and marketing startup cost to reach the following membership forecast.

5. What challenges have you encountered along the way?

JILTA provides a unique solution to advertising that today is more evident then when first discovered and presented for investor funding.

6. What are the success stories and achievements to date?

Due to the high cost of programming at that time the partners chose a course of seeking outside investors to assist in funding the cost of the programming.  JITLA logic proved itself but was in fact ahead of its time.   Investors then did not appreciate the refinements to search that could be very profitable. It is now understood just how profitable JITLA can be.

7. Additional information would be deeply appreciated.


Business Plan
Seeking Funding 5 million dollars JITLA has developed a game changer (a paradigm shift) in the way advertising is done on the Internet and Outernet as business strives for finding real buyers via surfers as they move about inside the net and “Cruise” outside on the wireless waves via smart phones. JITLA is differentiated from the search engine advertising, website advertising and advertising on smart phones. JITLA arranges through its Merchant (customers) to pay qualified surfers to click and go to JITLA customer websites and their brick and mortar locations based on the surfers rated intentions to buy or shop.

JITLA’s methods are in patent pending, its source code is well underway and, “JITLATM” is a fully registered Trademark of JITLA Inc. and “CRUISERTM” is a trade mark of JITLA Inc. http://www.jitla.com JITLA rides transparently while surfing the Internet or cruising the air waves with a smart phone. JITLA customers may direct their ad listings, all controlled in real time from the their desktop control panel, to position themselves on page one of any search engine key word(s) or can be placed inside a competition website(s) next to a competitor’s products and services. In addition, as the surfer cruises within the proximity of a JITLA customer physical location, the ad listings will be awakened.

The JITLA system encourages surfers to reveal their true buying intentions by rating the accuracy of each attempt to buy or shop.

JITLA encourages its customers to strive for honest advertising as each ad claim made through the JITLA system is rated for surfer review prior to the surfer clicking on the ad listing and being directed to the JITLA customer website(s). In effect, JITLA establishes mutual trust before any cost of advertising is expended and before a surfer wastes time responding to false ad claims on search engines.

JITLA provides the same matching service for its large national and international customers by combining exclusive Logo placement at the top of each search page called a “Click-A-LogoTM” to remind brand-conscious surfers that they are present and have meaningful offers on the over side of the Logo.

The technology rides transparently in 4 search modes:

1. The ad listings and Logos will appear on the front page of any
Search engine every time.

2. The ad listings and Logos will appear on the competitions’ website
every time.

3. The ad listings and Logos will appear on the top line of spam free
Email every time.

4. The ad listings and Logos will appear on mobile devices based on
member (cruiser) proximity every time.


The Internet and wireless Outernet has profoundly transformed the way people communicate and interact with each other. This change has also dramatically affected the business world by altering the way people shop for products for both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer). A decade ago, companies only reached their consumers through trade shows, print advertising and other traditional marketing methods. Today, people start their shopping experience by looking on the Internet and calling up proximity sites for advice on where to go. In order to remain competitive, businesses must have a web presence and real time advice that stands out in some form or another. They must leverage the Internet and Outernet to reach out to customers effectively with targeted messages to accomplish the following:
•  Brand building.
•  Driving traffic to their websites.
•  Driving traffic to their physical location stores.
•  Capturing visitors as leads.
•  Converting leads into customers.
•  Analyzing the activity on their site to optimize online marketing efforts. Particularly for small businesses, this proves to be much more difficult when they don’t have the same marketing budget as their larger competitors.

In order to develop a web presence and attract buyers, a website listing must get near the top of a search engine page ranking. This requires specific expertise in Internet marketing, in which most cases, businesses opt to hire consultants or third-party search engine optimization (SEO) firms.

This process generally takes at least 3 months before effectiveness can be properly measured. Additionally, a substantial marketing budget must be allocated in advance for pay-per-clicks, sponsored listings or banner 2 ads. When a surfer clicks on an ad listing, the search engine gets paid to direct the surfer to the business website. Even then, the entire campaign may not generate any leads, let alone sales.

Additionally, a common pitfall to this method is click fraud.


As JITLA members surf the Internet, customer ads will appear either as a Logo for large organizations on the upper left side of the screen.

Just below the customer Logos are the small customer offerings to pay the  member surfer to look at their product or service. JITLA’s revenues come from Logo clicks and customer offerings that are split ad revenues between JITLA with that surfer, essentially, the merchant is paying the surfer to shop. This ad transaction is absolutely free and clear of any obligation to buy, but will affect that surfer’s buyer quality rating which is seen in real time by the merchant and is indicative of their actual “buy” percentages to plain looks. Also our customers are able to place their ads right next to the ads of any competitor, including inside a competitors website as it is shown on the surfers screen. Surfing direct to major websites is 50% of the surfing habit today. There is no way that click fraud can occur by using JITLA’s patent-pending system. Additionally on the Outernet, the wireless Cruiser is paid by proximity of the customer to stop by the customer’s store or even more specifically a department in the store when they are within a defined radius.

JITLA customers shall be equipped with JITLA’s patent pending Buyer Quality Rating system that gives the customer a real edge in determining how much to pay for each kind of surfer or cruiser, i.e., a shopper or buyer and their intention level. In addition demographics and buying habits (psychographics) are provided to JITLA customers to analyze and take action in real time to maximize their advertising dollars. JITLA customers are the paying merchants in our plan.

The Company has aligned with several world-renowned experts in various marketing and advertising industries with proven track records and intends to capitalize on their knowledge and experience to assist in the grand opening launch and ongoing business. This team will make all of the necessary preparations to drive millions of people to the Company’s website to take advantage of JITLA membership.


Amazon.com: Revelation Book 7 by Michael Canfield


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