A.M. Best’s Leading Analysts Discuss Africa’s Insurance Industry, the U.S. Economic Forecast and Persistent Asbestos Insurance Losses

Founded in 1899, A.M. Best Company is the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance rating and information source.

A.M. Best Co.’s latest episode of “First Monday” features commentary pertinent to the Africa insurance industry by A.M. Best’s leading analysts. Click on
http://www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=firstmonday213 to view the video program.

The February 2013 episode of “First Monday” includes:

·    Sizing Up Africa’s Untapped Insurance Potential: Carlos Wong-Fupuy, senior director of analytics for A.M. Best Europe – Rating Services Ltd., and Yvette Essen, director of industry research, Europe and emerging markets, explore the potential Africa holds for the insurance industry, despite great market and economic diversity from country to country:

·    US Economy Mired in Slow-Growth Doldrums: Jim Gillard, assistant vice president, economic and industry research, looks at what expected in the near term for the U.S. economy, saying that one area that could give it a lift amid low interest rates and high unemployment is the housing market, which has been on the mend: http://www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=fmgillard213

·    Asbestos Losses in Property/Casualty Sector Not Letting Up: Assistant Vice President Gerard Altonji says that the U.S. property/casualty industry is posting nearly $2 billion in asbestos losses each year and these losses show no sign of slowing down; as a result, the ultimate cost of such claims has been increased to an estimated $85 billion: http://www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=fmaltonji213

Each month, “First Monday” will provide A.M. Best’s point of view concerning timely topics or growing trends that are affecting (re)insurance company operations, and in some cases, the analytics behind Best’s Credit Ratings process.

Go to http://www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=firstmonday213 to view the latest edition of “First Monday.” The next edition of “First Monday” will premiere March 4, 2013. To suggest topics for A.M. Best’s analytic teams to address, send an e-mail to FirstMonday@ambest.com.

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