MEC Qedani Mahlangu to Officially Open the Africa Energy Indaba 2013 Exhibition

The Gauteng MEC for Infrastructure Development, Qedani Mahlangu will officially open the exhibition of the 5th annual Africa Energy Indaba on 19th February 2013 at the Sandton Convention Centre.  The exhibition will be showcasing the latest technologies and vast opportunities in Africa’s energy sector. The opening of the exhibition by the MEC reinforces the Department of Infrastructure Development’s (DID) commitment to a greener economy.

The Africa Energy Indaba exhibition has become a significant market-place for African and international stakeholders doing business in Africa’s energy sector and attracts various players in the energy sector, from people looking for equipment & technology solutions to project developers and consultants looking to find business opportunities in the energy sector. This showcase will include companies supplying, or able to supply, the large range of equipment, components and specialist services needed by the industry.  It is a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to provide solutions and services that will enable the African continent to embrace the challenges arising from current and future energy demands.

The DID is committed to creating and maintaining a green and sustainable Gauteng with every new school, multipurpose centre and hospital it builds. Among the Department’s flagship green projects, is the gradual replacement of coal and diesel powered hospital boilers with natural gas powered boilers, in an effort to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted by coal and diesel powered boilers. MEC Qedani Mahlangu is also working out the implementation details for a “Trigeneration power plant” to be piloted at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. The natural gas fuelled power plant will meet all the hospital’s energy, steam, hot water, cooling and heating needs and perform all the functions currently performed by coal or diesel boilers.  This will result in the reduction of the hospital’s energy bills, with the potential to feed any excess electrical power generated into the national grid and the reduction of pollution.

“We are moving decisively into the green energy space, and will over the next few years take bold decisions and undertake ambitious projects that will reduce our carbon footprint, improve the energy efficiency of government buildings and public facilities such as schools, clinics, and hospitals. By taking the lead as government, we are challenging fellow citizens as well as the private sector to join us in taking these small steps today, that will ensure our energy security and save our environment”

“We are honoured to host MEC Qedani Mahlangu at the Africa Energy Indaba and that she will be opening the exhibition.  This commitment highlights the importance of the energy sector and as Gauteng is seen to be an economic hub of activity for South Africa, the support from the provincial leaders demonstrates the significance of the energy sector.”  Says Liz Hart, Managing Director, Africa Energy Indaba.

The Africa Energy Indaba exhibition is relevant to companies involved in all areas relating to showcasing solutions for the benefit of Africa. This extends to services for major energy projects on the continent, rural energy solutions, urbanization, the renewable & sustainable energy industry and the management thereof. The exhibition will be open from 9am on 19-21 February 2013 to the public and registration is free.



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