Fedena educational model to improve schooling administration and management

Fedena is an enterprise software solution for schools, colleges and universities. The basic version of Fedena is available as free and open source. Why Fedena (2 minute video) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=_b-20tmxDMc What is so great about Fedena (Quora answer) – http://www.quora.com/Fedena/What-is-so-great-about-Fedena NASSCOM Article- http://nasscom-emerge.groupsite.com/post/educating-the-world  

Foradian won three awards in 2012 for innovation in business model and product – Emerge 10 by NASSCOM, MIT TR35 by TechnologyReview and Edustars by Accel Partners.


If you are the owner of a school or college, you will be approached by hundreds of businesses daily to sell their products and services. But you don’t know whom to trust and what to buy – according to a leading education group.
And most of these companies will disappear after selling their products and services, adds Fedena
Is there a place where you can buy the things that will increase the efficiency of your institution?
Foradian, the makers of Fedena, the award winning web application for school and college management launched a marketplace to revolutionize education technologies.

Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD_F00qMX3Y Fedena Marketplace will be the one-stop shop for all tools needed to run education institutions efficiently.
“Fedena Marketplace focuses on plugins that enhance the features of Fedena. These plugins are built by certified technical companies who focus on innovating education technologies. You can choose the plugins you need and can add easily to Fedena without the help of a technical team. “
In addition, Fedena Marketplace also lists and reviews Fedena native plugins, Fedena integration plugins and other professional services and hardwares you will need.
“You can even develop plugins that will add value to Fedena and can list in the marketplace to generate revenue. Visit http://marketplace.fedena.com/ for more information.
Among the first plugins ready in the market, there is a plugin to take attendance of a classroom using mobile camera. You have to just go to the classroom and take a photo.
The artificially intelligent tool will recognize the faces automatically and will update in Fedena.
Messages will be sent to parents mentioning the presence or absence details and all data will be stored safely for future analysis. Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p89IV1sLfWk “We want the Fedena Marketplace to be similar to Amazon marketplace targeted at schools and colleges. Even though the core offerings will be plugins of Fedena, non-plugin and non-fedena products and services will also be introduced gradually” said Unni Koroth, CEO of Foradian.



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