The Nyanga South African Police Services [SAPS] Cluster has launched a pilot community project in a crime-ridden town as a run-up to the National Police Day celebrations – Cape Town police reported.

News this week reported that ‘Street Games’ in Heinz Park (Philippi), a residential area afflicted by crime, will become an annual event involving SAPS, the community and organisations in neighbourhoods.

In addition, the project forms part of Nyanga SAPS Cluster’s Moral Regeneration Programme, addressing crime by focusing on changing the mindset of children and the youth with the theme;  “A Child in Sport is a Child out of Court”.

Cluster Commander, Maj Gen Robbie Roberts, supported by station commanders are in the process of addressing the moral decay of communities in the Nyanga Cluster.

The Street Games, held on Thursday 21 February 2013 on the Daffodil Street Sports Field co-incided with the birthday of Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Maj Gen Sharon Jephta (Operational Officer). She received a standing ovation and lauded for her good work in communities. Together with Gen Roberts, she spearheaded the launch of the Games. The Games took place a stone’s throw away from the Philippi SAPS Training Academy where the National Police Day celebrations will take place next month.

All the Cluster’s station commanders and their members were activated and took part in the Games, with support from the Provincial Dog Unit, the Provincial Fitness team headed by Col Johan Vorster, school principals, teachers, community leaders and members of the Greater Nyanga Community Police Forum. Heinz Park was a hive of activity, with the Provincial Police Band entertaining the people before the start of proceedings and the police helicopter hovering above, the report added.

There were soccer and netball games, an obstacle course for the youngsters, a great performance by the Dog Unit, face painting and much more during a five-hour event.

Addressing the crowd, Gen Jephta said:” We are using the same equipment for sports most of you have here. We want you to take back your streets and don’t allow crime and criminals to take control here and make you fearful. This is your community, your area and today I appeal to you to help each other, support each other to make the area safe.

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