ADS -Securities participates in The 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards

ADS Securities – Prime
Prime from ADS Securities is a new service which changes the way professional, individual (private) clients trade forex, bullion and CFDs. It has been developed to meet the growing demand for a more personalised solution which sets out to maintain and grow investments, taking into account different appetites for risk and reward.
Client service is at the core of Prime, which provides institutional standards of execution and support for private clients.Prime offers individual trader’s access to ADS Securities exceptional pricing,across a large range of FX pairs as well as gold and CFDs, which is made possible by having deep liquidity and market leading technology. Clients can trade knowing that ADS Securities is a well-capitalised brokerage, regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE.
ADS Securities is headquartered from Abu Dhabi and in 2012 was voted the Middle East’s Brokerage of the Year.(Read more)


ADS-Securities   participates as in the 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards (JFEX 2013) along with many companies all over the world; one of the growing Forex expos held in Jordan  between 7th and 8th of May 2013 in le-Royal Amman-Hotel. This participation aims to enhancing relations with the ADS-Securities  services and ME Fx clients.
This is the second   participation for ADS-Securities   in JFEX & Awrads  which will help in penetrating new markets and creating real opportunities for the  FX sector. Moreover, ADS-Securities  aims to contribute in the  most befinciary  investments kinds.  ADS-Securities  is working on expanding its international exposure and planning to meet more visitors in international trade shows and exhibitions. ADS-Securities is looking forward to the promising opportunities with the ME Forex  markets .

ADS-Securities   will participate in 8th entrepreneur of JFEX & Awards including the Broker of the year.


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