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Posted on 04 March 2013 by Africa Business

Storing and sharing business cards had never been so easy. is a free online business card holder that can help you store, organize and easily access all your business contacts for life. This new cloud based contact management system ensures that you do not have to carry physical paper cards on you anymore. The online business card holder from stores your business contacts in the cloud. This means you can access your contacts, even when your phone is lost or damaged. Just use any internet enabled device to log in and get the information you need. You can use CardFila on iPhone, Android phone and Website. has upgraded a new version 2.0 for iPhone. It doesn’t only maintain the advanced features of the version 1.1 but also add some more new features as below:

1. You now can easily search card photos without internet connection. All of card photos are synchronized with server and downloaded right into your phone.

2. You now can list and browse your cards easier with better UI.

3. You now can make a call with any format of phone number. It also fixed several defects reported by users.

Card Fila holds the strong confidence that new version for iPhone will bring the best solution for holding cards.
In the constantly changing world, your relationships are extended and number of your cards is also increasing day by day. Instead of spending time and money on storing or finding business cards as before, will help you to handle your pile of cards and contacts just in a small smart phone with 5 simple steps.
1. Free download and install the cloud app in your iPhone or Android phone
2. Sign up
3. Capture and upload your business cards
4. Transcribe the cards manually by yourself or request CardFila’s real staffs to enter and review for you
5. Search and access all your business cards and contacts anywhere, anytime even without internet connection. is free. Up to now, it is almost satisfied thousands of CardFila’s users even the fastidious ones.
As an introductory offer, CardFila is offering 100 free coins to subscribers who register within March 2013.

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