Global Activated Carbon Market Will Continue Growth at a CAGR of 10% by 2018 Says Tech Archival

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Portland, OR –(— Activated carbon, a highly porous substance in the size of nanometres, is well renowned for its exceptional adsorption properties that find applications in diversified industries as well as in several other non-industrial establishments worldwide. It is widely used as a speciality chemical for water treatment and air purification purposes including applications in purifiers, automobile, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and other industries. Except purification, the product is immensely required for mining of precious metals i.e. gold. Moreover, there are several other potential applications which enhance the significance of activated carbon as a versatile industrial chemical.

Tech Archival’s recent published study on global activated carbon market, “Global Activated Carbon Market Assessment & Future Opportunities 2008-2018” investigates that worldwide market demand is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10% between 2013 and 2018. This strong market demand has been favoured through quite a few factors, especially the increasing worldwide concern for environment pollution and increased emphasis on safe water drinking habits.

“Activated carbon demand from North American and other western countries is mostly coming for air purification applications as governments in these countries are enacting stringent rules to counter pollution, heavy metal emissions and promote sustainable development. By the same token, developing nations in Asia, Africa and Middle East are spawning huge market demand especially for water treatment applications. The rising affluence coupled with increased government emphasis has promoted safe water drinking habits that have bolstered market demand for water purification systems in these regions. This has offered lucrative opportunities for global activated carbon manufacturers who are now directing their efforts to increase installed capacities and production volumes,” said Manmohan Joshi, Research Director at Tech Archival.

“Due to global shift of manufacturing capacities towards east, Asian countries have emerged as the largest manufacturers of activated carbon and related systems. Manufacturers primarily in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. are benefited from the positive manufacturing environment, availability of endless natural resources and inexpensive labour, lower tax regimes and several other factors. This, in turn, is accumulating larger profits per kg activated carbon for them,” added Mr. Joshi.

Tech Archival further estimates that activated carbon installed capacity and production volumes will continue growing at a CAGR of 10% right through 2018, reaching more than 3000 Thousand tons mark by 2018 to meet the accelerating worldwide demand.

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