New Study from Tech Archival Explores Australian Smartphone Market Right Through 2018

Samsung Outstrips Apple and RIM in Australia’s US$ 4 Billion Smartphone Market in 2012, Says Tech Archival.


Portland, OR –(– Smartphone, invented at the rise of a new technological era has quickly become a consumer necessity in today’s world. One cannot just define this device as a communication medium, for the reason that it’s a versatile gadget with ability to manage everything including internet browsing, emailing, locating a place with GPS, high definition photography, managing personal and business information, and almost everything a computer is capable of with the help of numerous built in apps and their incredible functionality. 

Following the rising worldwide demand for smartphones, Australia too has witnessed greater than ever popularity of smartphones due to its versatile functionality. According to “Australia Smartphone Market Assessment & Future Opportunities 2008-2018,” a recent focused study published by Tech Archival, the smartphone demand in Australia is estimated to grow at a CAGR of nearly 10% over the five year period from 2013 to 2018. The Australian smartphone market grew almost triple fold between 2008 and 2012, reaching annualised smartphone sales volume to more than 10 Million units in 2012.

The top three leading players in the market are Samsung, Apple and Nokia which comprised nearly 90% of total smartphone sales volumes in 2012. Samsung became the dominant player by claiming more than 50% of market share. The remaining segment comprises players that offer a low cost alternative to an iPhone or galaxy. As a result, there is not enough space left for rest of the competitors including RIM, HTC, ZTE, etc to claim a leading position which portrays an intense rivalry in the Australian smartphone market.

“Smartphones are now more reasonably priced and pervasive. Industries are merging as market giants such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Google are becoming direct competitors in the battle for the smartphone consumer. The next challenge for companies will be withstanding the intense competition and sustaining growth,” said Manmohan Joshi, Research Director at Tech Archival.

Adoption of technology has extremely increased the number of consumers using smartphones and it shows no signs of slowing down even up till 2018 when Australian smartphone sales are anticipated to reach more than 18 million units.

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