Arab Financial Brokers ” AFB ” announces its participation as the Gold Sponsor of The 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards

Arab Financial Brokers (AFB), a closed shareholding corporation registered under the Kuwait commercial law. AFB was created to address the increasing number of currency and futures trading demands in the Middle East and in the Arabian Gulf in particular, and to cater for clients’ heavy investment in the futures and spot Foreign Exchange (forex) markets. AFB was also formed to bring integrity in products and improved customer service to forex clients, in an emerging market for individual speculation.

AFB’s founding principles are aimed at integrating the best technological infrastructure and the most advanced forex trading software in order to deliver unparalleled client services. AFB has identified the need to establish a regional trading platform that would develop a niche market equipped for individual forex traders and speculators; creating a new generation of brokerage firms that exceed customer demands of speed, accuracy and accountability to pursue forex pricing and trading.

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Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)  participates as the Gold sponsor of the 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards (JFEX 2013) along with  many companies all over the world; the most prestigious forex exhibition in the MENA region which will be held in Jordan  between 7th and 8th of May 2013 in Le-Royal Amman-Hotel. This participation aims to raise AFB potentiality in forex market.

Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)  will participate in 8th Entrepreneur of JFEX & Awards. (Read more).


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