Turkey-MENA Nuclear Industry Congress 2013 Provides a vital platform for MENA Nuclear Sector

Up to now, there are more than 440 nuclear power plants in 31 countries, generating 14% of the world’s electricity. IAEA predicts that this proportion will at least up to 25% in 2030, with 90 new nuclear power plants entering service. Over 60 reactors are under construction in 13countires while about 160 reactors are planed and over 320 are proposed.


Among the countries that are under serious consideration to develop nuclear power, Turkey and MENA countries are increasing its lead the emerging countries.


Approximately $400 billion worth of nuclear projects have been planned in MENA region. Constructing the first reactor since 2009, UAE is also projected that nuclear energy will produce nearly a quarter of the nation’s electricity needs and a further 12 units will generate over $60 billion in new contracts over the next decade. Jordan plans for at least one 1000mw reactor by 2019. And Saudi Arabia is looking to build 16 reactors by 2030, with a budget of $100 billion. The remaining countries have near-term plans or a more long-term interest, as they closely follow the region’s activities definitely.


Turkey, one of the biggest emerging countries in the regional nuclear power industry, has contracted $20 billion project for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu with Rosatom, and will establish another 19 nuclear units by 2023. Though Turkey has not confirmed the site of the third nuclear power plants yet, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız announced that France and the United States could bid to construct energy-hungry Turkey’s third nuclear power plant and so could the bidders who are not chosen for the second plant and other countries which have thus far not shown interest in the first two plants, which will no doubt make Turkey the biggest stage for global nuclear energy players in 2013.


Therefore, the congress in turkey will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the nuclear energy market with fresh project updates and various case studies. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in this market, this 2-day congress will provide plenty of opportunity to meet your future partners.


The leaders from the world’s most innovative initiatives and high technologies are here to share their vision and experience, shaping the future of this regional nuclear city. None the less this event will provide you an excellent opportunity to meet your peers and exchange ideas on the cutting-edge technologies and absorb experiences from present projects, accelerate the steps of the planned projects. This event will have an objective influence on your business processes and investment strategies.

About Turkey-MENA Nuclear Industry Congress 2013

Turkey-MENA Nuclear Industry Congress will be held on June 18 – 19, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The main motivation behind this congress is to provide a vital platform for all nuclear energy players to know about the prospects of the regional market and learn from each other to common develop the Turkey and MENA nuclear power industry.


Conference Main Topics

Fundamental Questions about the Future of Nuclear Energy in Turkey

Roles and Challenges of Future Owners and Operators in Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power Programs

Nuclear Power in the Middle East

Feasibility of NPP in Turkish Electricity Market

Regulatory Framework of Turkey on Licensing of NPPS

Building the Nuclear Power Infrastructure in Egypt

Nuclear Safety & Security Culture in Pakistan & Nuclear Regulatory Framework in Pakistan

The Potential Role of Nuclear Power in Supporting the Development Process and Combating Poverty and Terrorism in Developing Countries-Yemen as an Example

What Role EÜAŞ Play in Turkey’s Nuclear Power Ambitions?

How Emerging Countries Choose Suitable Model?

Potential Economic Returns of Nuclear Power in the Global Electricity Context

Develop Nuclear Fuel Cycle Strategy to Support the Nuclear Power Programme

Investing in the Future to Secure Energy Mix: Is Africa Ready for Safe Nuclear Power?


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