Energy Storage Station Congress 2013


———Tapping Into China Energy Storage Market

18-19 April 2013

Shenzhen China

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In 2012, China’s electric grid will become the largest in the world in terms of both installed generation capacity and electricity produced. China also possesses the world’s largest installed wind power base and the world’s largest declared investment in renewable energy. These facts alone suggest that China is also the most attractive market for energy storage in the world, even though China currently has just 4 percent of the worldwide energy storage capacity.


With strong government support and steadily improving technology, we anticipate the energy storage market will grow to a $500 million per year market by 2016. The central government has made it clear that it intends to pursue energy storage and batteries as part of the same set of national industrial policies that have helped other renewable energy sources achieve scale in the country. In the short term, this will likely lead to a number of additional demonstration projects, some of which may have the same scale and impact as the Zhangbei project. Though many may dismiss the market for pre-commercial technologies as unappealing, the size of these projects and growth rate they could represent will make them just as interesting for players in the industry as their forerunners in wind and solar before those fields achieved commercial scale.


Therefore, Energy Storage Station Congress 2013 (CSSC 2013), China’s Premier Energy Storage Conference which is scheduled for 18 – 19 April 2013 in Shenzhen China, will perform as the leading platform for major industry players to map out winning China strategies. Under the theme of “Tapping Into China Energy Storage Station Market”, we will address the most crucial issues which determine your performance objectives in China. CSSC 2013 will help you to better gauge the pulse of China’s dynamic energy storage industry and further identify the strategic role of China in your global business plan. Join CSSC 2013, Join China energy storage market!


Conference Structure


Day One 18 April AM: Session 1. Policy Panning, Trade Situation and Outlook of China’s Energy Storage Industry

Day One 18 April PM: Session 2. Energy Storage Station System and Key Day Two 19 April AM: Technologies in PSC Session 3. Cutting-edge Technology of Stored Energy Battery /Control strategy of Battery Energy Management System

Day Two 19 April PM: Session 4. Roadmap of Successful Project Implement Worldwide


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