We are sitting on the edge of a revolution in security software and hardware applications and it is journey on the wild side. Just as technology development has raced ahead and returned with the future, security applications are revolutionising the way we protect our assets and ourselves.


Security professionals at JIST, a leading security software engineering company, say we are heading for a transformation in the industry. Control is being wrested back into our hands, literally, managed from a laptop and even a mobile handset. Michael Gelderbloem of JIST says, “Threats to our security is on a steep upward trend and the future of this war is here, right now. The fight has been brought to the desktop as programmers venture online to block out these threats.”


The saying: if you do not know who the sucker in a room is, it is probably you, can be applied to your own security. If you do not control your own security systems, it will control you. We are at risk of having a generation of technology suckers, a bunch of people who can operate a laptop and mobile phone but who do not understand the power they have at their fingertips.


From a security perspective, this is dangerous.


Gelderbloem continues, “The lack of understanding of the tools available to provide the ultimate in security just boggles the mind and this is the biggest barrier for business. IT departments are unable to grasp the simplicity that can create the most complex security system that is by far the safest there is today.”


It comes down to stigma, reckons Gelderbloem. Across the world, open source development has been making significant strides in security applications and it is exposing a revolution that only a few understand. This is a hindrance to our security. The fear of the unknown in a simple environment is astonishing. “Simplicity is what business demands on top of absolute security,” he says. “And it is available for every organisation. The need for complicated systems with endless edge devices, monitors and security personnel is being done away with and replaced with the simplicity of a tailored, highly effective and streamlined solution that has at its core, open source programming integrated seamlessly with old and new technology edge devices.”


JIST has proven that with the right approach to software and hardware integration, a simple solution that provides total protection is within reach of South African business. Security has been caught in the IT revolution and there is a danger that companies may just be vulnerable to threats.


The wave of criminal intent simply cannot be met with mediocrity and a false sense of security from a horde of cameras and semi-functional hardware integrated with limited software. “This is not a case of thinking out the box,” says Gelderbloem. “It is a matter of identifying the threat and adapting proven, secure software to integrate with state-of-the-art devices together with older, but adaptable, hardware.”


It is the quality of the security system that dictates the effectiveness of security. On top of this, understanding the value of the system in the hands of business is critical, and surprisingly simple.


Don’t let IT-speak throw you into a state of panic. Simple solutions that are easy to understand and control are available. Just speak to the right people!

Please visit: http://www.jist.co.za

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