FXDD is the Gold Sponsor of The 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards for the fifth time

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FXDD  participates as the Gold Sponsor of the 8th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards (JFEX 2013); one of the growing Forex expos held in Jordan  between 7th and 8th of May 2013 in LeRoyal Ammna-Hotel. This participation aims to enhancing relations with the FXDD  services and ME Fx clients.
This is the fifth   participation for FXDD  in JFEX & Awrads  which will help in penetrating new markets and creating real opportunities for the  FX sectorfxdd is looking forward to the promising opportunities with the ME Forex  markets .

FXDD  will participate in 8th entrepreneur of JFEX & Awards including the Broker of the year.



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